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Healthcare Corporate Faxing

A leader in online fax since 1999, eFax Corporate makes it easy for your healthcare organization to stay compliant with HIPAA and other federal regulations.

Faxing for Financial Services

In a dynamic, global economy, security and regulatory compliance is a must when transmitting financial data. eFax Corporate's SOX-compliant online fax to email service helps you protect client data, boost productivity and cut faxing costs.

Faxing for Consulting Firms

Whether you advise corporations or governments, faxing likely plays a key role in vital information exchange. eFax Corporate provides a cost-effective, cloud based fax to email solution that allows secure faxing right from a computer or smartphone

Real Estate Faxing

Trusted by more of the mortgage and real estate industry than any other online fax service, eFax Corporate ensures that these professionals can securely send faxes by email and receive faxes anywhere – a key component to closing deals in the real estate business.

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