Protect the Security of Your Most Sensitive Data — with eFax Secure™

When the confidentiality and security of you data is a must, trust the online fax service used by 11 million businesses worldwide, including nearly half of the Fortune 500.

eFax Secure™ The Highly Encrypted Online Fax Alternative to Paper Faxing

eFax Secure™ protects your business faxes and keeps your organization in compliance with HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, and other regulations. eFax Secure ensures no more expensive and cumbersome hardware or software required, no special secure fax numbers, no missed faxed pages; and no confidential documents left sitting on a fax machine. Learn more about and how to send a secure fax.

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eFax Secure™ protects your business's faxes

With eFax Secure™, your faxes are sent with the highest grade TLS encryption, recently upgraded from SSL, in transit and are stored in your secure, web-based inbox, using 256-bit encryption. When a fax comes in, eFax Secure™ sends an email, with a URL, to the recipient. The user simply clicks the URL (opening an TLS connection) and enters his or her eFax Corporate account information to view the secure fax. It’s safe, easy to use, and can be deployed in minutes.

The Secure Fax to Email Service That Knows How to Protect Your Business

  • eFax Corporate® handles online transmission of more than 1 billion fax pages online every month.
  • Our customers include many of the largest healthcare providers and financial firms – businesses that depend on secure fax data transmission for success.
  • eFax Corporate® is the online fax service of choice for nearly 30% of top law firms – businesses whose client confidentiality is a must.

Transport-Layer Security (TLS)

Email Driven

Secured Fax via Transport-Layer Encryption

Boundary Encryption via SMTP over TLS

Runs on Most Email Solutions

256-bit encryption

eFax Secure


Secured Fax via Encrypted Browser Session

TLS Encrypted (Upgraded from SSL)

Login to Retrieve Faxes

Encrypted Storage