Businesses everywhere are facing a common challenge as companies begin the transition of calling staff back to the office while others continue to work remotely – the need for a secure, cost-effective way to transfer data that will also allow for enhanced productivity among staff members. Small and large businesses alike want a solution that will allow employees to send and receive faxes by email, from any desktop or smart device whether they are at home or on-the-go. The solution? eFax Corporate: the gold standard in digital cloud faxing technology (DCFT) for more than 20 years, covering different industry segments including healthcare, government, legal, financial services, and manufacturing.

Over the course of a six-part series, we’ll explore in greater detail the following top five reasons why businesses in virtually every industry continue choosing to distinguish themselves from their competition with our HIPAA-compliant and HISTRUST CSF Certified® digital cloud fax solution:

It’s Cost Effective

Our eco-friendly, pay-for-usage solution is an alternative to analog fax machines and in-house fax servers, therefore reducing the cost of lost time for manual faxing. Cloud fax simplifies and reduces the cost of management and control of fax services because you don’t have to manage all those fax machines or servers. With cloud fax, organizations save capital costs as there is no need to make an investment in infrastructure such as fax machines, servers, hardware or software.

It’s Reliable

Faxed documents often contain highly sensitive and personal information – information protected by privacy laws. However, many organizations still unknowingly put their information at risk daily, reinforcing the need for a reliable fax service. The eFax Corporate global network is protected by firewall, redundancy, and security technologies that ensure a 99.5% uptime, rapid delivery times, and unparalleled transmission security. Our redundant servers, connections, storage points, and transport network also provide superior protection that will compensate for the loss of a single colocation.

It’s Secure

When it comes to faxing critical documents, you should only trust the world’s fax leader, eFax Corporate, which has features like eFax Secure. This optional feature allows organizations to download faxes from a secure HTTPS portal with encrypted storage (AES-256) for complete security and compliance. With our solution, sensitive data is protected by physical datacenter security and the highest encryption standards. All systems processing data are maintained in secure production ques, and multi-factor authentication is required for system entry. No customer fax data is shared with any third parties outside of our audit functions. No more faxes with sensitive information sent to the wrong number or patient records left sitting on an office fax machine!

It Helps Meeting Regulatory Compliance

Trusted by more heavily regulated industries than any other cloud fax provider, our HITRUST CSF Certified® services can help your organization meet industry-specific compliance requirements, including:

  • HITRUST CSF Certified®
  • SOX, GLBA compliance
  • Meets TruSight requirements
  • PCI compliant (merchant)

SOC 2 Type 2 reports are available annually and our SAP Connector is certified under SAP’s latest BC-SMTP requirements, making it easy for to integrate into any SAP environment.

It’s a Way Towards Digital Interoperability

DCFT is a major contributing factor to the overall progression of interoperability in the healthcare industry – and any healthcare organization can implement it almost immediately. DCFT promotes the electronic exchange of data between providers, care facilities and patients, significantly increasing a covered entity’s ability to meet HIPAA standards. Our cloud fax solution boosts interoperability by leveraging the fact everyone already has fax technology, as it remains one of the most widely used methods of exchanging private records world-wide. Organizations can implement our solution immediately, allowing for an easy rollout of intuitive cloud technology that doesn’t come with expensive or disruptive implementations. Additionally, cloud fax helps fill the data-exchange gaps for organizations without an EHR. With this solution, underrepresented healthcare entities can work efficiently and securely transmit high volumes of patient documents via fax.

Join us for part 2 of this blog series, where the cost effectiveness of implementing digital cloud fax technology will be explored.

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