You Can Get More From Your MFPs!

Businesses today utilize MFPs (Multifunction Printers) for most of their intended uses – printing, copying and scanning, for example. Interestingly, in our conversations with IT managers and businesses owners, many didn’t know that they could extend the usefulness of their Multi-function Printers by migrating to a cloud fax model. In fact, we found that their employees were simply scanning important documents on the MFP, returning to their desk, retrieving the PDF from Outlook, renaming it, and then emailing it to their vendor or customer, for example, with no confirmed delivery. You get the idea – not an efficient use of time, and a very unsecure way to send sensitive paper business documents.  This is the topic of our upcoming Webinar – reserve your seat today!

Upgrade Multifunction Printers and Fax….Why? Because MFPs and fax are technologies ‘just work’ they are often relegated to an area that’s not exactly top of mind for innovation or upgrading, until something breaks, and your internal stakeholders and employees are standing at your desk ready to file a complaint because product orders or loan apps are not being received!

Here’s the TipYou can enable faxing directly from the ‘glass’ of an Multifunction Printers through cloud faxing! You can! In fact, you can eliminate physical fax machines, fax servers, telco lines and the like – and enable faxing from any internet-enabled end point?  (like PCs, Macs, iPads, Tablets, Laptops and MFPs) or CRM/ERP systems?

You can with eFax Corporate®!  

Join our Webinar and find out what the eFax Corporate MFP Fax Direct Feature Can Do for Your Organization

We’ll also show you specific ways that integrating the MFP Fax Direct feature into your faxing processes can benefit both your IT department and the organization as a whole, such as:

•  How you can streamline paper faxing on the Multifunction Printer glass by creating “hot keys” that let your staff fax to their most frequent recipients (an insurance office, for example) with ease.

•  How incorporating the MFP Fax Direct feature can also automate much of your existing faxing process — by using MFP Fax Direct feature shortcuts for distribution lists, custom cover sheets, confirmation receipts and much more.

•  How integrating your fax processes with eFax Corporate® can improve security and compliance — preventing even more IT headaches.

Reserve your seat for the webinar.

In the meantime, learn more about this feature at the eFax Corporate MFP Fax Direct page.