Salesforce is a name that many organizations have turned to as a platform to connect with customers, partners, and even employees. Primary industries include but are not limited to financial services, retail, hospitality, higher education, and transportation. But it was the healthcare industry and the need for improving the provider and patient experience – sparked by industry regulations like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – that led the leading Customer Success Platform to launch the Salesforce Health Cloud. With Health Cloud, providers continually engage with patients across their caregiver networks and throughout their care journey.

Although Health Cloud has several built-in tools that ensure providers adhere to HIPAA requirements, it was lacking one critical resource that many providers could instantly turn to as a way of securely and reliably sharing patient data: digital cloud fax technology. That’s why we are proud to share that eFax Corporate has partnered with Salesforce on the Salesforce eFax Connector, which brings eFax capabilities to Salesforce Health Cloud users who can now easily integrate fax activities with other patient engagement workflow processes. The connector can be purchased through the Salesforce AppExchange.

With an emphasis on healthcare, eFax Corporate will be the first and only HIPAA compliant, HITRUST CSF Certified cloud fax vendor that is part of the Salesforce Health Cloud ecosystem. Salesforce eFax Connector will be available for use on both Lightning and Classic installations, allowing users to securely send and receive faxes through their customer relationship management platform and manage those faxes in a variety of ways.

“eFax Corporate is thrilled to be announcing this partnership with Salesforce. As the healthcare industry continues to forge a path toward greater interoperability, the integration of these platforms will cut down time spent handling paper fax and create a secure and efficient way to transfer data all while improving the patient experience.” – John Mannion, VP of Global Business Development & Channels Partnerships, eFax Corporate

Get Ready to Streamline Administrative Functions

With Salesforce eFax Connector, healthcare organizations will be able to streamline administrative tasks, alleviating the burden of handling paper-based workflows and the printing, filing, scanning and sending that follow. Clerical tasks can be completed with ease and communication can flow freely as this platform allows users to:

  • Assign fax lines to link an eFax Corporate ID to an existing Salesforce user base
  • Assign permissions to support the sending and receiving of faxes
  • Add the ‘Send a Fax’ button to any page of a Salesforce instance for ease of use

Save Valuable Time & Enhance Staff Productivity

Salesforce eFax Connector offers eight different time-saving features that give staff members the ability to enhance their productivity rather than devote their time to dealing with clerical tasks. Whether staff members are trying to successfully navigate the platform with ease or track all fax status updates in real time, Salesforce eFax Connector is a one-stop solution

  • eFax Activity: Salesforce automatically recognizes faxing as an activity and updates user accounts, contacts, opportunities, and other entity types.
  • eFax Send Action: Leveraging custom workflows, the eFax send action allows users to add fax capability to any screen in your workflow.
  • eFax Menu: The eFax navigation menu allows users to send a fax, access all sent and received faxes, and configure the app from one convenient place.
  • Send eFax Button: With the ability to add this button to various Salesforce entity screens, users can quickly send a fax based on the current content or from a list of documents.
  • Fax Details Screen: Providers users with a screen that displays the details of a single fax, including the transmission status and history, sender and recipient data, and the option to view the faxed document for further action.
  • Integrated Fax Activity: Users now have the ability to track fax activities within your salesforce contacts, accounts, and opportunities.
  • Status Update:Users can track all fax status updates in real time.

Visit the Salesforce AppExchange so your healthcare organization can get started on easily integrating fax activities with other patient engagement workflow processes with the Salesforce eFax Connector.