COVID-19 brought about a new challenge for industries across the board including healthcare, government, legal, financial services, and manufacturing. Businesses everywhere – especially those who transitioned into a remote work environment – needed to find a secure, compliant, and cost-effective solution for transferring data that also allowed for enhanced productivity among staff members. Administrative efforts are being thrust upon frontline workers each day, burdening many with the task of printing, filing, scanning, and sending paperwork through networks with questionable security measures. Small businesses and large enterprises alike are ready for a solution that will make it possible to streamline the exchange of business-critical documents and eliminate costly infrastructures of an in-house fax network. 

eFax Corporate is the FIRST and ONLY cloud fax vendor that is part of Verizon’s One Talk solution

It’s time to say goodbye to analog fax machines and costly fax lines

We’re excited to announce that eFax Corporate is now integrated with Verizon One Talk, allowing Verizon Business customers the opportunity to join some of the world’s leading businesses in the most heavily regulated industries who use eFax Corporate’s trusted cloud fax services. With the eFax solution, Verizon customers now have the ability to send and receive faxes via email, mobile app, web portal, or API through a HITRUST CSF Certified® platform that meets the highest compliance levels required by certain industries. A highly secure document exchange platform, eFax Corporate offers TLS information transport and data encrypted in transit and at rest, meeting HIPAA, PCI and TruSight requirements.

The gold standard in digital cloud faxing

For more than 20 years, eFax has been the gold standard in digital cloud faxing covering many different industry segments. Available for purchase directly in the Verizon Connect Marketplace, or as a compliment to the One Talk Solution, Verizon business customers will have access to a comprehensive unified communications and collaboration as a service (UCCaaS) that includes the world’s most trusted digital cloud fax solution – creating a competitive advantage for enterprise and healthcare customers while boosting their bottom line.

“Integrating an enterprise-caliber cloud fax solution with One Talk creates a powerful new lead-generation tool for the many Verizon enterprise business customers in need of a secure, reliable, and affordable means of sending and receiving faxes electronically.”

Say hello to easy integration and improved workflows

Through the seamless integration of the eFax Corporate digital cloud fax solution and One Talk, Verizon business customers join many of the world’s leading businesses who use our trusted cloud fax solutions including healthcare (payers, providers, life sciences and telehealth), government, legal, insurance, finance, and manufacturing. Regardless of the industry, eFax Corporate is the ideal solution as Verizon business customers can use it with minimal training. eFax Corporate integrates natively with major desktop and enterprise applications including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft 365, SAP, and Gmail. In addition, this solution is eco-friendly and requires no dedicated IT resources, paper handling, or extra software.

With businesses having to focus less of their efforts on training and integration, Verizon business customers can continue to improve workflows with the enhanced features and specialized tools offered by eFax Corporate. This will allow Verizon business customers to bring their enterprise employees high volume fax capabilities via email, online, or even mobile apps – eliminating time spent printing, scanning, and waiting for a fax machine. eFax Corporate is helpful for companies with faxing requirements, remote staff, and mobile sales professionals as employees can receive faxes anywhere Internet access is available. When less time is spent on and around your fax infrastructure, your business will be able to maximize time and money – streamlining communications and investing in the people that make it a well-oiled machine.

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