eFax Corporate is proud to announce the synergistic integration of Secure Cloud Fax with Hewlett Packard’s (HP) Multifunction Printers (MFPs). The partnership allows healthcare organizations the ability to streamline activity and reduce paper-based workflows improving both the quality of care and overall patient experience. With eFax Corporate, HP customers will be able to send faxes with their multifunction device, enabling them to securely transmit and receive patient information at the point of care.

This technological innovation will continue to empower workflow improvements in healthcare, pushing the industry towards achieving its goal of total interoperability. It is especially unique in that the HP Workpath Line of MFPs simplifies document-intensive workflows with customized print and scan solutions, while eFax Corporate’s cloud-based document exchange solution is designed to replace or augment a company’s existing fax solution. Together, this integration will:

  • Drive cost savings: Cloud-based document exchange eliminates the need for standalone, analog fax machines, dedicated phone lines, and maintenance.
  • Improve productivity: The integration allows users to share, distribute, and store documents conveniently online to eliminate paper workflows and improve document delivery.
  • Enhance security and compliance: As a full HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CSF® Certified solution, eFax Corporate helps users comply with federal privacy regulations and protect the privacy of confidential records. 

Not only does the integration of eFax Corporate and HP Multifunction Printers provide healthcare customers with the aforementioned benefits, but it also gives these customers the chance to galvanize care teams and streamline care coordination. The Secure Cloud Fax Solution for the HP Workpath line of MFPs helps these healthcare organizations bring care teams together in a unique, virtual environment that fosters proper communications and allows providers to focus on quality of care. In addition, eFax Corporate’s digital cloud fax technology works with any PC, laptop, or wireless device capable of sending and receiving email – including today’s advanced MFPs from HP.

Transmit and Receive Patient Information Securely at the Point of Care

As a result of COVID-19, many healthcare organizations still have frontline workers focusing on clerical tasks versus delivering the highest quality care possible to their patients. Much of their time is spent printing, scanning, filing, and sending pertinent patient information to and from primary care facilities and providers. This paper-based workflow is not only costly and time-consuming, but also leaves little to no time to consider the proper security measures for transferring this information.

The integration of eFax Corporate with HP’s MFPs helps eliminate this issue and provides customers with three different options to securely send faxes: 

  • Fax from user’s desktop email: Once you scan your document on your MFP and send the scan job to your user’s computer, the user can attach the scanned document to an email addressed to [email protected]. After the email has been sent, the user will receive a fax confirmation by email.
  • Fax from user’s email account via MFP: An employee can log into the MFP, scan their document on the MFP and attach the document to an email addressed to [email protected]. Once complete, the user will receive a fax confirmation receipt by email.
  • Fax from user’s email account with integrated MFP Internet fax feature: An employee can log into the MFP, scan their document directly to fax and enter the destination number without the need to enter the full delivery address. After the fax has been sent, the user will receive a fax confirmation receipt by email.

    *This option does require MFP with support for integrated Internet fax service.

Other secure options include email encryption, eFax Cover page, and redirect receipts.

HP Customers Meet Regulatory Compliance with eFax Corporate 

HITRUST CSF® Certified, eFax Corporate helps organizations like HP comply with healthcare, manufacturing, finance, insurance, education, local government, retail, & commercial industries that have -specific privacy and security rules – including HIPAA, the HITECH Act, PCI and state regulations, as well as streamlining reporting for meaningful use and audit. Receiving the HITRUST CSF Certification demonstrates eFax Corporate’s commitment to ongoing innovation and ensures that our Digital Cloud Fax Technology will continue to comply with privacy and security laws in the delivery of personal health care information as the field continues to grow and change.

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