By Integrating with eFax Corporate® Cloud Fax

Why is now the time to migrate your organization’s faxing from your legacy in-house infrastructure to a hosted cloud fax model? Five reasons:

1.  You’ll reduce your IT footprint and rid your team of the time-consuming and headache-prone responsibility of maintaining your aging fax hardware.

2.  The migration process itself is simple, no-risk and requires virtually no work on your part. Your cloud fax provider can do all of the heavy lifting.

3.  You can lower your organization’s recurring fax infrastructure costs by eliminating the need to maintain your fax hardware, software and dedicated analog fax lines, and allocation of IT resources to support it.
4.  You can increase your ROI from the platforms and hardware you’ve already invested in — by integrating cloud-based faxing by email into your workflow tools (e.g., ERP, CRM systems like SAP® or your electronic health record (EHR) systems) and even directly into your multifunction printers, so your staff can fax by email right from the glass of MFPs.
And finally, because when you’ve pulled all of this off…

5.  Your company will see you as an IT hero!

Let me show you how these benefits can play out in a real-world business scenario — at your organization.

Why it’s Time to Pull the Plug on Your Aging Fax Equipment and Move to the Cloud — with eFax Corporate

You Can Reduce Your IT Footprint

In today’s mobile environment, your employees, contractors, vendors and other internal and external customers are accessing your networks and your corporate data from an ever-increasing number of environments and devices. In other words, both your IT footprint and your responsibility for maintaining and protecting it are growing faster than ever.

The last thing your IT team needs is the added hassle of maintaining an analog-era, onsite fax infrastructure of de-centralized desktop fax machines, unreliable fax servers
With a cloud fax model — like the business fax by email service from world leader eFax Corporate — you can outsource all of these headaches to a trusted, 20-year expert in business faxing on the cloud.

You Can Easily Migrate Your Fax Infrastructure to the Cloud in Days

When you make the decision to migrate your company’s faxing to the cloud with eFax Corporate, we’ll take it from there — handling virtually every step for you until your organization is set up with their own dedicated virtual fax numbers and your team is trained on how to manage the cloud fax process from your intuitive administrative portal.

The migration process does not require any hardware or software installs. We can help you generate as many new virtual fax numbers for your organization as you need — whether it’s a unique fax number for every employee, or one for each department or business unit — and we can even help you port in any existing fax numbers if you’d prefer to use them.

Because our cloud fax service is as easy to use as email, when you’re set up with your new eFax Corporate account your staff will need only minutes to learn how to start sending and receiving faxes by email. And should your team need any help or have any questions, you’ll always have access to our customer service and tech support teams —here for you 24/7/365, guaranteed.

Change Your Economic Model For Supporting Fax to a “Pay-as-you-go” Service

While you intuitively know that maintaining your aging fax infrastructure is expensive, you might be surprised at the full list of those costs — because many of them are so ingrained in your IT organization’s budget that your team rarely thinks about them anymore.

You may know, for example, about the high cost of investing in new fax servers — likely many thousands of dollars per server. Then there are the associated costs of the fax software, maintenance agreements, and a fax card with a telco interface for each server.

But remember, you are also likely paying for analog fax lines — possible one for every desktop fax machine and multifunction printer, and maybe even T1 analog lines for every fax server.  You might also be paying an additional telco fee for international fax dialing, and fax-software maintenance fees. Plus, if you’re housing servers in-house, the electricity and cooling for those units can add significantly to the overall costs of the fax environment.

Finally, consider the softer, hidden costs of maintaining a legacy fax infrastructure: Your IT staff’s time, for example, troubleshooting problems with office fax machines, and rebooting crashed fax servers. Or your employees’ time, wasted standing in a queue waiting to send a paper fax, or waiting by the fax machine for an incoming document or to redial a busy fax number.

With a cloud fax model, however, you are not paying to maintain any of this infrastructure. Instead, you pay only for the hosted fax services and bandwidth that you actually use — a “pay as you go” model that you can easily scale up or down anytime and as often as you need.

You Can Increase Your ROI on the Platforms and Hardware You’ve Already Invested in

Another benefit of migrating your faxing to the cloud is the ability to integrate faxing more directly into the workflows of your team — by seamlessly adding a fax component to the tools they use every day.

For example, as North America’s first SAP-Certified Fax Partner, eFax Connector 2.0 makes it easy to integrate our robust, business fax service into your SAP platforms. This allows your staff to fax high-volume purchase orders, rate sheets, delivery confirmations, invoices, contracts, and other critical documents with ease, directly from an SAP application.

Our cloud fax service can also easily integrate with your employees’ everyday productivity applications like Microsoft® Word®, saving them the time of having to print or scan and fax documents — and instead allowing them simply to click a “fax” button embedded in their Word application and transmit a fax by email, including cover sheet and other personalization, all electronically and without paper or the need for a fax machine.

You can also leverage your eFax Corporate cloud fax solution to boost the ROI of your existing multifunction printers (MFPs), by integrating our eFax MFP Fax Direct Feature into your MFPs and allowing your staff to send a paper fax right from the glass when needed.

One corporation, for example, saved $14,000 per month by migrating to online faxing with eFax Corporate and integrating their 350 multifunction printers into the cloud fax environment. They were able to eliminate the analog fax lines ($40/month each) running to their MFPs for faxing. The internet fax service still allows paper faxing from the MFP glass — but now it can be transmitted using  TLS encryption for highly secure faxing.