At eFax Corporate, we want to put your mind at ease.

If you think that ISO, NIST, PCI, HITECH and HIPAA are a mouthful, you would be correct.

At eFax Corporate, we incorporate a number of safeguards. Our digital cloud fax technology (DCFT) is designed to comply with financial security and privacy regulations, including HIPAA and GLBA. It meets the most stringent requirements for secure document transmission, in compliance with the recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We protect data at rest according to the Advanced Data Encryption (AES) standard. Your fax data resides in eFax Corporate’s Tier III/IV-rated, highly secure colocations and private data centers. We keep your data stored redundantly. Finally, two-factor authentication (2FA) adds a second level of authentication.

All of the above ensures that your data receives maximum protection.

On the other hand, we have never considered one standard (or five) to be enough.

At the risk of piling it on, we have now added another certification to our rich pedigree, and if you will forgive us, we feel like boasting.

Achieving HITRUST CSF Certification

HITRUST CSF Certification acknowledges that eFax Corporate® utilizes a well- developed and well-recognized framework for regulatory compliance and risk management. The framework has been developed in collaboration with information security professionals. It incorporates nationally and internationally accepted standards, including all those listed above, to ensure that certified organizations maintain a comprehensive set of security controls.

Some of our present and prospective customers may ask why this is important. It is a fair question, and one we are more than happy to answer. After all, it’s not like this is a certification you can frame and hang on your own wall.

On the other hand, it is something that you can take to the bank — figuratively, at least.

As an eFax Corporate customer, you entrust us to deliver state-of-the-art cloud fax technology to help you meet your own customers’ needs. They are entrusting you with their most sensitive and confidential personal health information, and you are entrusting us with that same information.  

The Gold Standard

The HITRUST CSF Certification is considered by many to be the “gold standard” security, privacy, and compliance framework in the information protection industry.  While we are not in the business of handing out gold coins to our clients, we know you will appreciate that it is the most comprehensive and most widely applied security framework in the U.S. healthcare system.  According to HITRUST, 81 percent of hospitals and 80 percent of health plans have adopted the framework in some way. eFax Corporate is proud to become the first major cloud fax provider to achieve this certification.

Achieving the HITRUST CSF Certification is a notable accomplishment. It reflects the highest level of commitment to security and compliance in an organization, and we are proud to have earned it.

Certification Assessment

Central to obtaining HITRUST CSF Certification is a rigorous assessment process that demonstrates an organization’s commitment to that objective. It involves multiple stages of self-assessment, third-party assessment, and HITRUST-performed quality assurance reviews.

In short, with HITRUST CSF Certification, vendors and covered entities have documented assurances that an organization’s information protection program is adhering to the most stringent standards in security and compliance for exchanging electronic data.

At eFax Corporate, we know that we can never rest on our laurels based on existing certifications and protocol.

We know that your needs and the needs of your customers are constantly evolving. We are not insecure by nature, and we know that you aren’t either, but we also know that when it comes to the security of your information, assurances can never be overlooked.

By undergoing the process to achieve the HITRUST CSF Certification, and by earning that certification, eFax Corporate has further demonstrated its commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the industry, and we have added another layer of assurance for our customers.

All the benefits – at no additional cost

And the best part — all of this is at no additional cost to you. Imagine that: multiple assurances… for nothing extra.