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Here’s How Consensus Plans to ‘Attack’ the Interoperability Opportunity as a New Public Company

by Alissa Camarillo | May 12, 2021
A company primarily known in the healthcare industry for its cloud fax business is aiming to tackle the broader interoperability market. J2 Global, a conglomerate of media and information services, recently announced plans to split into two businesses, spinning off its internet fax business as a new company called Consensus. The bulk of the company, in media and e-commerce, will remain J2. The spinoff is expected to take effect by the third quarter of this year.

As a new publicly traded company, Consensus will consist of J2's cloud fax business, including the eFax business, and related brands, with a focus on healthcare, which is expected to have $333 million to $342 million in revenue in 2021.

As the healthcare industry is pushed to free up siloed healthcare data, Consensus executives believe the company's capabilities in secure data exchange well position it to get out ahead in the "race to address healthcare interoperability."

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