eFax Corporate Achieves HITRUST Certification

The HITRUST CSF® Helps eFax Corporate Maintain the Highest Standards of Security and Regulatory Compliance in the Healthcare Industry


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HITRUST CSF Certification Overview

eFax Corporate®, the world’s leading enterprise-grade cloud fax solution, is thrilled to have achieved the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) certification. Achieving the HITRUST CSF certification reflects the highest level of commitment to security and compliance in an organization.

eFax Corporate is proud to become the first major cloud fax provider to obtain this certification as it is considered by many to be the “gold standard” for a compliance framework in the healthcare information industry. Read the press release.

For integration into EHR systems and enhancing interoperability, see our eFax Enterprise APIs, which have also been HITRUST CSF® Certified.

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The HITRUST CSF certification reaffirms eFax Corporate as an innovator and leading Digital Cloud Fax Technology (DCFT) solution in the healthcare IT sector. Our commitment to innovation has enabled us to deliver best-in-class service and state-of-the-art digital cloud fax technology.

We have endeavored over many years to build out the most robust, reliable, redundant, and secure cloud-fax network in the world. Because of all of this, we are the world’s leading provider of on-line fax services; no other provider’s network even comes close.

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The HITRUST CSF certification utilizes a well-developed and well-recognized framework that incorporates nationally and internationally accepted standards, including ISO, NIST, PCI, HITECH and HIPAA.

Obtaining certification is a rigorous process that involves multiple stages of self-assessment, third-party assessment, and HITRUST-performed quality assurance reviews.

By obtaining the HITRUST CSF certification, organizations are following a framework that is constantly evolving and upgrading to reflect the latest changes in the industry. With the HITRUST CSF certification, vendors and covered entities have documented assurances that a product or organization is adhering to the most stringent standards in healthcare security and compliance for exchanging electronic medical data.

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Why Should
Customers Care?

eFax Corporate has always maintained the highest standards of privacy, security and regulatory compliance. By undergoing the process to achieve the HITRUST CSF Certification, and by earning that certification, eFax Corporate has further demonstrated its commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the industry, and we have added another layer of assurance to our customers.

And all of this is at no cost to you.

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Receiving the HITRUST CSF Certification demonstrates eFax Corporate's commitment to ongoing innovation and ensures that our DCFT will continue to comply with privacy and security laws in the delivery of personal health care information as the field continues to grow and change.

We are extremely proud of this certification. It demonstrates our continuing commitment to innovation, quality and trust. We know you share our commitment to these ideals.

To find out more about the HITRUST CSF Certification and eFax Corporate’s digital cloud fax technology,
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