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Need a Big Business Solution for a Small Business Price?

The cloud fax solution most trusted by businesses - eFax Corporate can significantly improve your small business fax infrastructure. As your business grows, scale your account easily with eFax Corporate. We take care of you from the sales process to setting up your account and you receive a Dedicated Account Manager.

Our Small Business Fax Service Provides:
  • Send Faxes by Email from Laptops, Desktops & Mobile Deices
  • TLS Encryption for transmission of digital faxes
  • Save Money & Improve Business processes
  • HIPAA Compliant and in Compliance with other federal regulations
  • We sign Business Associate Agreements (BAA)

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eFax or eFax Corporate?

If you need a single fax number or a fax solution for less than 10 employees, you can sign up online at www.efax.com.

The Benefits of eFax Corporate for Small Business

Increase Employee Mobility

By enabling staff to send and receive faxes from anywhere they can access email — ideal for remote staff or when employees are traveling. Other benefits include:
Secure Faxing
Regulatory Compliance
Multifunction Printer & Device Faxing

Faxing for Small Businesses

Improve Customer Service

By having inbound faxes sent directly to your staff’s email, reducing response times for customer orders, contracts and other important faxes

Small Business Fax

Ensure your Faxes Get Delivered

with eFax Corporate’s secure fax process and audit trails, so you’ll never have to worry about a fax not reaching its recipient or getting lost on their fax machine

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HIPAA Compliant Faxing for Small Business

Helping you Stay Compliant

with SOX, HIPAA, GLB and other federal regulations

Online faxing with eFax Corporate.

If you have fewer than 100 employees but still regularly send and receive business faxes, eFax Corporate is the simple and cost-effective alternative to traditional faxing — the same highly secure service trusted every day by nearly half of the Fortune 500. Our fax to email service lets your staff send and receive faxes online, easily and securely, From anywhere. With eFax Corporate internet faxing, your growing business will enjoy simple, streamlined, cloud faxing —while significantly lowering your faxing costs.

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