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LifeFile is a privately held company that delivers integrated information solutions to independent pharmacies, their doctors, and patients. LifeFile's competencies include software development, business consulting, and custom hardware integration.

Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Digital Faxing

[No Hardware Needed]

Add more value to your LifeFile digital platform with seamlessly integrated online production faxing that’s simple, HIPAA Compatible and cost-effective. Powered by eFax Developer™, the world’s number 1 online fax service and the most trusted by healthcare providers, your LifeFile fax solution lets your staff send and receive faxes directly through your LifeFile software platform — securely, conveniently, and with no hardware or paper needed.

Send and Receive Faxes Digitally, Directly from Within LifeFile

eFax Developer and LifeFile

Enjoy Seamless Online Faxing at an Exclusive Rate for LifeFile Customers

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