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What is eFax Corporate

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Faxing Without Limitations

eFax Corporate® is a flexible, cloud-based fax service for sending and receiving faxes using your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. It eliminates expensive fax servers and departmental machines — replacing ongoing equipment, software, supplies, licenses, and utilities costs — with a predictable model that includes nearly unlimited scalability. The service also lets your business keep existing fax numbers.

  • Secure Faxing – Complete audit trails and advanced secure transmission options help you maintain compliance standards when sharing documents outside the organization.
  • No Fax Maintenance or Phone Charges – eFax Corporate works in existing email networks, requires no software or hardware expenditures, and has minimal impact on in-house IT resources.
  • Dedicated Account Management – eFax Corporate ports your existing fax numbers and provides 24/7 customer support.
  • Fax By Email – Faxes are transmitted by email for quick, reliable, private access, and managed in a digital and paperless environment.
  • Small Business

    The cloud fax solution most trusted by small businesses - eFax Corporate can significantly improve your small business fax infrastructure. As your business grows, scale your account easily.

  • Medium Business

    Learn more about the secure fax to email service for medium sized businesses that can help cut costs, increase productivity and meet your regulatory compliance faxing needs.

  • Enterprise Business

    Sending a high volume of business faxes? Learn more about the highly secure cloud fax to email service for Enterprise Businesses that is trusted by nearly half of the fortune 500.

"Secure, paperless, easy to use, exactly what we wanted. We tested eFax in one department and rolled it out to all other departments." —Stephen Connolly, Pearson VUE

eFax Corporate Features

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Cutting contract delivery time from nearly 90 days to 15 days.

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