Cloud Faxing Features for Your Business

Enabling your staff to securely send and receive faxes online from anywhere. Here are just some of the other business-enhancing fax features you’ll enjoy as an eFax Corporate customer.

eFax Mobile App

Empower your staff to securely receive, edit, sign and send business faxes even while they’re on the road. The eFax Mobile App for iOS and Android devices puts full fax functionality at your employees’ fingertips no matter where they are.


secure & encrypted faxing

eFax Corporate and eFax Secure™, create a Secure ID (via your email address) for each of your employees who need secure fax capabilities. Each Secure ID is available with AES 256-bit and TLS which are the ideal solutions to protect your business’s most sensitive and regulatory compliant fax documents. eFax Secure offers a highly encrypted, email-driven process for sending and receiving faxes over the Internet—and continues to protect your fax data at rest 24/7 in our highly secure, Telco-grade data centers.


administrative & management portal

With eFax Corporate, your IT team, department leaders or other personnel can monitor and control your fax usage through a user-friendly secure online portal. From this portal you can create and manage user accounts, Secure IDs, assign various levels of admin privileges, create and manage fax user groups, manage fax cover pages, and produce easy-to-read usage reports.


toll-free fax numbers

With eFax Corporate, you can set up toll-free virtual fax numbers — 800, 888, 877, etc. — for your company’s fax to email service. This lets you establish a national presence while also making it more affordable for vendors and partners to work with you. We will also port your existing fax numbers so it’s a smooth and easy transition.


local fax numbers

You can project the image of a neighborhood business by setting up local virtual fax numbers with your eFax Corporate account. You can choose from literally thousands of area codes across the US and signal that you are truly a local company.


lifetime fax storage

When you subscribe to eFax Corporate, your company will automatically have every fax you ever send or receive saved through our platform and archived on our secure cloud servers — where you can easily search for and retrieve any fax, anytime, through a user-friendly portal.*


electronic fax signature

With the eFax Corporate mobile fax solution, your employees can electronically sign contracts and other important faxes from their mobile devices — either by dropping in an image file of a handwritten signature, or simply tracing their finger across the screen.


fax from cloud storage

Your eFax Corporate cloud faxing service also lets your team easily and effortlessly fax attachments directly from many of the most popular cloud storage apps — including DropBox, Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud.


large file sharing

eFax Corporate allows for Large File Sharing and Data Transfers** — that are too big for emailing. Via the secure Admin Portal our service lets you attached, send and share up to 3GB of files, in any file format, with as many as 20 colleagues at once.


Manage Your Cloud Fax Platform Even More Easily — with an eFax Corporate SOAP Fax API

  • Adding and removing fax numbers, and returning unassigned numbers to inventory
  • Creating, Secure ID’s, deleting user accounts, updating their attributes and privileges, etc.
  • Adding and removing cover pages to and from user accounts
  • Assigning various levels of administrative privileges
  • Managing account credentials for users and administrators
  • Generating usage and inventory reports
  • Adding and removing emails to and from user accounts
  • … and more

Integrate eFax Corporate® to your existing application and platforms with our secure Fax API

With eFax Corporate’s secure SOAP fax API, you’ll be able to integrate our online fax solution directly into your company’s existing HR, finance applications, medical EHR and EMRs,— or on any operating systems — by using SOAP calls.

Our Fax API gives you control over many of the most common administrative functions your team will need to perform in managing your cloud fax services, including:

* eFax Secure™ stores your company’s faxes on our secure cloud as long as you remain an eFax Corporate customer, and your virtual fax numbers are not cancelled or re-assigned.
** Large File Sharing is available with standard eFax Corporate accounts but cannot be activated for accounts that deploy eFax Secure.

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