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eFax Corporate® streamlines your fax processes and reduces overall fax costs for businesses in virtually every industry —
by letting companies securely send and receive faxes by email, from any internet connected device.

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With cyber hacking of health records reaching an all-time high, healthcare organizations must take every precaution to secure their ePHI — for their patients’ security and HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance. eFax Corporate is the first major cloud fax provider to achieve HITRUST CSF® certification, demonstrating the highest level of commitment to security and compliance in an organization. eFax Corporate can help ensure your ePHI faxes are protected at all times and your fax processes are aligned with HIPAA and Canadian PIPEDA.

We also offer Consensus, a new comprehensive interoperability platform for healthcare that enables you to seamlessly access and share clinical data with patients, providers, and plans — all through easy, simplified workflows.

Law firms must send and receive confidential information frequently, and maintain client records for eDiscovery — while keeping all of this data secure at all times. Trusted by 40% of the top law firms, eFax Corporate’s online fax service keeps your faxes compliant, ensures you meet eDiscovery requirements, and significantly lowers your faxing costs.

In a dynamic, global economy, security and regulatory compliance is a must when transmitting financial records and data online. eFax Corporate's SOX compliant business fax to email service helps you securely protect client data, boost productivity and cut faxing costs.

Whether you advise corporations or governments, faxing likely plays a key role in your daily business information exchanges. eFax Corporate provides a cost-effective, cloud fax to email solution that allows secure faxing right from a computer or smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Trusted by more of the mortgage and real estate industry than any other online fax service, eFax Corporate ensures that you can securely send faxes by email and receive faxes anywhere on the go – a key component to closing deals quickly in the real estate business.

Many successful transportation and logistics companies have upgraded their fax infrastructure to the cloud with eFax Corporate. Our solutions can help you quickly and cost-effectively send and receive fax documents by email to keep your businesses running smoothly.

Retailers large and small turn to eFax Corporate to streamline their fax processes. Our service enables your business to send, receive, store and easily retrieve faxes digitally – without paper, fax machines or fax servers – resulting in faster responses to fax purchase orders and vendor invoices.

Manufacturers use eFax Corporate to streamline their operational processes – eliminate fax servers, telco lines, maintenance costs and improve compliance. With no hardware or software needed, our fax services integrate easily to your existing systems.

Schools rely on faxing in their daily operations — for transmitting student transcripts and staff HR forms, for receiving applications and student records. Our cloud fax by email service helps educators make faxing more reliable, cost-effective by improving staff workflow, lower overall faxing expenditures and enhances the security of sensitive student data.

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