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  • What is eFax Corporate?

    eFax Corporate is a paperless, cost-effective, outsourced alternative to fax machines and servers that enables businesses to send and receive faxes quickly, privately and securely by email. Access faxes anywhere via pc, laptop or wireless device and eliminate fax hardware, supplies and IT costs and headaches.

  • How does eFax work?

    Each employee subscribing to eFax Corporate receives their own local or toll-free eFax number linked to their email address.

    Receiving faxes: Faxes sent to your eFax number travel across the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). eFax Corporate converts the fax to a TIF, PDF or EFX file, attaches it to an email and forwards it directly to the employee's email inbox. For more info see "How do I receive faxes with eFax Corporate?"

    Sending faxes: Faxes can be sent directly from your email inbox. If you don't have email access, you can also send a fax by logging in to your account. For more info see "How do I send faxes with eFax Corporate?"

  • What is an eFax Number?

    eFax Corporate offers each employee a unique local or toll-free eFax number linked to their email address. Faxes sent to this number are received directly in the employee's email inbox.

  • How do I receive faxes with eFax Corporate?

    When you receive a fax message with your new eFax Corporate fax number, it will arrive as an email in your inbox as a PDF or TIFF file attachment. Simply click or double-click on the email attachment to open your fax. For PDF's you'll need Acrobat Reader. For TIFF's you'll need eFax Messenger. Download eFax Messenger here.

  • How do I send faxes with eFax Corporate?

    eFax Corporate provides several easy ways to send a fax.

    Sending a fax by email
    Create a new email.
    Enter the fax number in the email address field followed by For example, [email protected] To send faxes internationally, include the country code in the number and in most cases drop the initial "0" (except for Italian numbers). For example, to send to the United Kingdom number 020 7123 4567, you would use the UK country code 44 and type the fax number as 442071234567.
    Attach the documents to be faxed by selecting insert from the File menu. They will be faxed in the order they were attached.
    Click to send the email.
    You will receive a confirmation email when the fax has been delivered. Note: You can fax most file types by email.

    Sending a fax through My Account
    Log in to My Account and click Send a Fax to send files as faxes from any computer, even if you don't have access to your email account. Include the attachments you want to fax by clicking the browse button and selecting files stored on your computer. Fill out the form and click Send to fax the attachments.

  • How is eFax Corporate different from eFax?

    eFax Corporate is designed exclusively for businesses seeking a fax solution for 10 to 10,000 or more employees or companies with high volume faxing. provides solutions for individuals and small offices. If you are a developer, please refer to eFax Developer™.

  • Do I qualify for an eFax Corporate account?

    eFax Corporate is for businesses seeking a fax number for 10 or more employees. Companies seeking service should request a quote or contact a member of our Sales team for more information.

  • How do I sign up for eFax Corporate?

    If you're seeking a fax solution for 10 or more employees or a company with high-volume faxing needs, please call eFax Corporate Sales at: (888) 532-9265 or (323) 817-1155 +44 870 711 3311 in the UK

    You may also complete the online request form and a sales professional will contact you at your convenience.

    For Individual and small office fax solutions, please visit

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