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The Benefits of eFax Corporate for Manufacturers

High volume fax for Manufacturers

Fax by Email Quickly, Easily & From Anywhere

Manufacturing firms in virtually every industry are feeling the intense pressure — both from increasing competition and from cash-strapped customers — to improve productivity, to respond more quickly to orders and requests, to ship product faster, and to cut every possible dollar from operational costs to keep the business profitable and competitive.

Read about our online fax Manufacturing Success Story, where the eFax Corporate cloud fax solution
improved our customer’s response time 600% and cut its costs by 75%.
PDF Downloading the Heidelberg Case Study

Secure Document Transmission

If your firm is like most in today’s manufacturing environment — looking for every competitive edge you can find — here’s why switching from a traditional, in-house enterprise faxing infrastructure to a secure cloud fax by email solution from eFax Corporate is an obvious place to start:

  • Improve Customer Responsiveness
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Boost Staff Productivity
  • Improve Staff Mobility

Streamline your operational processes, eliminate fax servers, telco lines, maintenance and improve compliance

You’ll move your customer fax communications from paper faxing — and the possibility of delayed or even missed documents sitting on a fax machine — to the immediacy and guaranteed delivery of eFax Corporate’s secure fax service. Making this switch to online faxing will speed every business communication your firm conducts via fax: quotes, purchase orders, invoices, change requests, shipping and delivery records, engineering forms, HR documents, etc. With the ability to securely send and receive by email all of these and other documents for which you previously needed paper and a fax machine, your entire operation can run more smoothly and become more responsive to customers, vendors and other key parties in your supply chain. You’ll also significantly lower your operating costs when you replace your network of in-house fax machines or fax servers with a fully hosted fax solution from eFax Corporate.

Business Fax for Manufacturers

Secure Document Transmission

Our secure fax solution lets your staff send and receive as many faxes as necessary by email or online, anytime, from any Internet connected device (even smart phones). This means you’ll greatly reduce the need for fax paper, toner, ink, fax-machine maintenance and repair, and IT time spent managing and troubleshooting your fax infrastructure. Additionally, whereas you’re likely paying long-distance fees, taxes and toll charges for any faxes your business sends via landline fax lines, with eFax Corporate you’ll have no such charges. With eFax Corporate’s online fax solution, complemented by our eFax Secure service, your faxed documents are encrypted and secured both in transit and while at rest on our secure servers. We also automatically archive every fax page you send and receive, and make your archived faxes easily searchable and retrievable online through your secure eFax Corporate web portal. All of these measures help with auditability and help your firm stay on the right side of regulators.

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