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The Benefits of eFax Corporate for Financial Service Firms

As the leading business fax service, trusted by nearly half of the Fortune 500, eFax Corporate can significantly improve your fax infrastructure by outsourcing to the cloud. Our dedicated account representatives will port your current fax numbers to our systems and manage the setup. There is no hardware needed, no extra phone lines and no IT headaches.

SOX & GLBA Compliance

Fax servers and desktop fax machines can place your business at risk of non-compliance with SOX, GLBA and other data privacy regulations. eFax Corporate’s secure fax service employs the highest standards in securing and encrypting your data both in transit and in storage with TLS Encryption. eFax Corporate helps keep your faxing processes on the right side of federal regulators.

GLBA & SOX Finance Datasheet Download GLBA & SOX Finance Datasheet

Execute Deals Faster

In an era of instantaneous financial transactions and clients expecting their communications just as quickly, eFax Corporate helps you move your fax transmissions from the analog model of paper fax machines and unreliable fax servers, to a online fax service. This enables your staff to send and receive secure faxes, by email, from any Internet-connected device.

Increase Staff Productivity

Receiving inbound faxes as email means you can conduct business when you need to and react quickly to clients around the clock. Your staff will no longer have to wait by a fax machine for a contract, waste time redialing a busy fax number, or queue up an outbound fax to be sent later. Fax immediately, anywhere, anytime.

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No Faxing Hardware

When you move your current fax environment to the cloud with a 20-year leader like eFax Corporate, you outsource all of your IT team’s fax related headaches — troubleshooting fax machines, rebooting crashing fax servers, and managing an aging fax infrastructure. We’ll handle everything, make faxing as easy as email for your staff. You can even keep your current fax number!

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Secure Faxing with eFax Corporate Helps Financial Firms Stay Compliant

In today’s dynamic, global economy, financial firms transmit confidential and otherwise sensitive client information more frequently and across more worldwide networks than ever. This means that document transmission reliability, security and regulatory compliance are now a top priority for financial businesses.

By deploying a secure cloud fax service from eFax Corporate across your company, you can significantly improve your fax processes over your existing fax infrastructure. This will provide your business with three major benefits right away.

First, our cutting edge evolution of fax marries the best of the audit trail , security and ease of use of fax demanded by your clients with the speed and convenience of the modern cloud and email. Clients expect this – especially in legal documents – and this is a common problem for financial firms still using fax servers, which “batch” deliver faxes rather than transmit them in real-time, and which are also prone to crashes.

Second, your IT team will be able to re-deploy resources away from fax troubleshooting and onto more forward-looking projects.

And third, you will find your firm’s fax processes significantly more aligned with SOX and other data privacy regulations.

With eFax Corporate fax services, your team can send and receive faxes anywhere by email. Our email faxing solution can enhance the security and compliance of your firm's document transfers, make your staff more responsive to your clients and lower your firm's overall faxing costs.

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