Electronic Signature


With eFax Corporate®, your team can easily sign business faxes online before sending them — no pen or paper needed.


Electronic signature capability can help:

  • Save your business time by allowing staff to sign faxes from anywhere — even mobile devices
  • Improve your staff’s mobility and relationships with customers— by speeding response times
  • Close more deals — by being first to respond to a bid or other competitive offer

Your company’s ability to be both mobile and responsive is essential for working with requests for proposals and other time-sensitive orders, and can mean the difference between closing a deal and losing it.

When time is short, the last thing your company needs is to have to print a multi-page fax, sign the document and feed it back through a fax machine or multifunction printer. Or worse — for your reps in the field to have to find a place on the road where they can print, sign and send their faxes.

When you deploy a cloud fax service from eFax Corporate, adding a signature to important business faxes will no longer be a bottleneck. Your employees will be able to drop their saved electronic signature directly onto their digital document before securely faxing it. And they can even write their signature right on the screen.

The electronic signature from eFax Corporate is just one way our online fax to email solution can boost your business.


Our eFax Mobile app puts the power of a fax machine right on your phone or tablet. Send and receive faxes anywhere on the go with the eFax Mobile app and your eFax account.


Save Time: Sign Faxes Anywhere

Thanks to the electronic signature feature, your staff will never again have to lose momentum by stopping to print, sign and manually fax an important document.

With eFax Corporate’s electronic signature capability, your employees can simply drag and drop a stored signature onto a fax before sending. If they haven’t yet stored an esignature file in their account — a simple process that takes just a minute — employees can simply create an electronic signature on the fly by tracing their finger across the screen.


Strengthen Your Relationships with Customers, Partners and Vendors

eFax Corporate® customers tell us that one of the biggest benefits of the electronic signature capability is that it improves their responsiveness to clients and partners — because they can literally review, sign and return an important fax document within seconds, even if they’re on the road with only a mobile device.

That’s because we’ve built our entire cloud fax platform — electronic signature included — into the eFax Mobile App.


Close More Deals: Be First to Respond to Competitive Bids

Another powerful benefit of eFax Corporate’s electronic signature is the advantage it gives your company in competitive bidding situations, — by allowing you to respond to requests for quotes before other companies can even find a pen. When every minute counts and the deal could be on the line, your ability to review and respond before your competitors — even if you’re nowhere near a fax machine — can help you win the business.


Cut Costs, Save Time & Increase Productivity with eFax Corporate

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