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Using the eFax Corporate® secure business fax solution, retailers are able to respond more quickly to customers, save time working with vendors who want to communicate by fax, and dramatically cut their overhead fax costs.

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The Benefits of eFax Corporate for Retailers

The retail industry has always been highly competitive and operated on tight margins. Today’s technologies — which have lowered the barriers to entry for new retail players in virtually every industry — make it more important than ever for retail firms to find ways to trim costs and improve operational efficiencies. A prime example of this can be seen by using our Multifunction Printer Fax Direct feature which enables your business to fax directly from your MFP with no hardware! Learn more about it in our datasheet below:

PDF Downloading the MFP Fax Direct Datasheet

Faxing for Retailers

By replacing expensive fax infrastructures with the fully hosted business fax solution from eFax Corporate, retailers of all sizes and in all industries are experiencing a significant boost in productivity, streamlined workflows and reduced costs. eFax Corporate enables retailers like you to:

High Volume Faxing for Retailers
  • Eliminate expensive onsite fax hardware (fax machines and servers)
  • Send and receive purchase-order faxes through email
  • Store faxes securely (and easily retrieve stored faxes)
  • Work with your own dedicated account representative
Fax by Email on a Tablet
  • Eliminate long-distance phone charges
  • Streamline your supply chain process
  • Eliminate busy signals when sending faxes
  • Protect customer and sensitive data
  • Keep your existing fax number
Mobile Faxing

Save your retail operation time and money — and help you become even more responsive to customers and partners

Retailors trust eFax Corporate

By switching from paper faxing to the eFax Corporate cloud fax model, you’ll significantly streamline all of your fax communications — letting you respond more quickly to faxed purchase orders, for example, and more easily fax invoices to vendors. With eFax Corporate, you can send and receive all faxes electronically; it’s as simple as sending an email.

eFax Corporate’s online fax solution will also let your HR staff more quickly, easily, and cost-effectively manage all of the administrative tasks they have to handle by fax — insurance forms, employment offers, payroll sheets, healthcare documents for new hires, etc.

No more sending multiple-recipient messages to one fax number at a time; your team send faxes to multiple recipients at once. No more busy signals; with eFax Corporate, your team can send faxes by email or through an easy-to-use web interface. And no more uncertainty about whether a fax made it to your recipient; eFax Corporate will email you a delivery confirmation immediately.

With our fax solution, you’ll reduce your costly fax infrastructure such as dedicated fax lines, fax cards, toner and ink cartridges, maintenance and repair of your fax machines or servers, as well as the time IT spends managing and troubleshooting your fax hardware. Tired of paying long-distance charges and taxes for faxes your team sends with analog fax lines? You’ll have no such charges with us.

High Volume Faxing for Retailers

You’ll save a significant amount of time your employees currently spend handling the administrative tasks of sending or receiving a fax — printing the documents, standing in line at the fax machine for their turn to send, redialing a busy fax number, or waiting by the machine for an expected incoming fax. With eFax Corporate’s business fax solution, your staff can send and receive as many faxes as necessary by email or online, anytime, from any Internet-connected device (even smart phones and tablets).

Imagine how much productivity you could unleash by freeing your employees of the need to use an antiquated paper-based fax — and instead sending and receiving business faxes by email or through a simple web interface.

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