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The Benefits of eFax Corporate for Real Estate

With eFax Corporate your agents can send and receive faxes including time-sensitive documents like purchase agreements, by email, from any Internet-connected device — an enormous advantage for closing deals and earning client loyalty.

Close Deals Faster

When closing a deal or beating a competitive offer can come down to the last second, eFax Corporate will help you gain an advantage with digital faxing by email and a delivery confirmation receipt.
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Boost Your Firm Responsiveness

Real estate and mortgage professionals are on the road often. eFax Corporate’s business fax service can significantly streamline your agents’ workflow by freeing them from the fax machine and letting them send and receive faxes from their mobile devices.

Enhanced Document Security

eFax Corporate employs the most advanced security protocols for your digital faxes at all times — from transit over the Internet (TLS encryption), to archiving in the cloud (AES 256-bit encryption) our highly secure data centers offer tracking with unique client IDs, and more.

Lower Your Faxing Costs

Outsource all of your IT team’s fax related headaches — troubleshooting fax machines, phone line costs, rebooting crashing fax servers, and managing an aging fax infrastructure. We’ll handle everything, make faxing as easy as email for your staff. Moving from in-house fax machines or servers to a hosted, cloud fax solution with no hardware cut your overhead costs.

Email Faxing Gives Mortgage and Real EstateFirms an Advantage

Faxing for Real Estate Professionals

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The ability to process, sign and send faxes quickly is often crucial to success in the real estate business. As the world's leading email faxing service, eFax Corporate has been helping real estate firms around the world close more business deals for nearly 20 years.

For real estate and mortgages firms whose agents work remotely or spend most of their time on the road, missing important and time-sensitive fax documents is a major concern. eFax Corporate eliminates this problem — by letting agents receive, review and send faxes by email, without the need for printing or a fax machine.

eFax Corporate also solves another fax related problem that larger real estate firms face — signed contracts or other critical business documents getting stuck in an outbound fax “queue,” to be batch sent at a later time. This can lead to missed opportunities to close business. With our email faxing solution agents can successfully transmit a fax immediately and receive delivery confirmations by email just as quickly.

eFax Corporate, the most successful service of its kind in history, can help make your staff more productive, significantly streamline your business processes and lower your office's overall faxing costs.

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