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For nearly 20 years, eFax Corporate® has helped consulting firms around the world send secure, low-cost faxes online to their clients.

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The Benefits of eFax Corporate for Consulting Firms

As the cloud fax solution most trusted by businesses - including nearly half of the Fortune 500 - eFax Corporate can significantly improve your consulting firm's fax infrastructure. Outsourcing your business' operational inefficiencies helps reduces overhead costs. Our dedicated account representatives help make the transition easy with no hardware needed. eFax Secure™ offers a secure solution which helps bring your fax processes into alignment with federal regulations.

Improve Responsiveness

With your staff more mobile than ever, client communications need to be delivered knowing that it was sent and received securely with no delays. Moving all client fax communications from traditional paper faxing to the immediacy and guaranteed delivery of eFax Corporate’s cloud fax accomplishes all of the above.

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Improve Staff Productivity

Help those employees visiting clients on the road to stay connected and able to respond to faxes by email anywhere, anytime from any Internet-connected device. Streamline your employees' fax workflows by freeing them of the traditional fax machine and using our advanced features such as auto-resend, delivery confirmation emails and PDF versions.

Secure & Protect Client Data

The security of our client's data and intellectual properties are a top priority which is why we employ the most advanced security protocols for your digital faxes at all times — from transit over the Internet (TLS encryption), to archiving in the cloud (AES 256-bit encryption), to highly secure data centers in the USA we keep your faxes secure at all times.

Enhance Compliance

If your firm transmits sensitive client or financial data by fax, these transmissions almost certainly fall under at least one of the many complex regulations governing data privacy — GLBA, PCI, SOX, HIPAA and others. eFax Corporate has been a pioneer in compliant & secure faxing for nearly 20 years, and our process will help keep your organization on the right side of federal regulators

Email Faxing Helps Streamline Business Operations to Better Communicate with Clients

Whether you are advising multinational corporations, governments, or small startups, faxing plays a key role in the exchange of information that helps both you and your clients succeed.  Speed and reliability of your fax communications play a significant role in your business' success. Of course the security of those transmissions is an essential part of the process as both you, your clients and federal regulators insist on privacy.

eFax Corporate provides a cost-effective, scalable, cloud faxing solution that allows you to send and receiving faxes securely right from a computer, tablet or smartphone, boosting productivity and cutting operating costs.

With eFax Corporate, your team can send and receive faxes anywhere by email or even fax from your current multifunction printer.

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