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The eFax Corporate® cloud fax solution helps some of the most successful transportation and logistics companies quickly, reliably and cost-effectively fax documents critical to the supply chain — from any Internet-connected device.

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The Benefits of eFax Corporate for Transportation & Logistics Companies

In the era of rapid shipping, “guaranteed-by” delivery and “Just-in-Time” technology, transportation companies are under tremendous pressure to meet the always-increasing demands of their customers and the market — while remaining profitable. One area often overlooked as an opportunity to mitigate the pressure on transportation and logistics companies is migrating their outdated fax technology to a cloud fax model.

Here’s why replacing your costly onsite fax infrastructure with eFax Corporate’s fully hosted, cloud-fax solution means better operational efficiencies for your business:

  • Fax from anywhere, anytime, from any internet-connected device
  • Eliminate the hassle and overhead of onsite fax infrastructure
  • Accelerate revenue recognition by compressing fax delivery times
  • Fax globally, leveraging our worldwide, redundant fax network
  • Receive all fax documents by email

Fax by Email

Improve Your Responsiveness

Making the switch to an online business fax service will accelerate your existing fax workflows. For example, purchase orders, delivery schedules, invoices, inventory-control and analysis documents, shipping records, etc. can all be sent from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. All without walking to (or standing around) a fax machine. With the ability to send and receive faxes by email anytime, anywhere — your entire operation can run more smoothly and become more responsive to customers, vendors and other key parties in your supply chain.

Fax Online by Email

Streamline Your Fax Operations & Outsource to the Cloud for No Fax Maintenance

Improve Staff Mobility

For employees frequently on the road or working among different locations, the traditional way of sending or receiving an important business fax is time-consuming and unproductive. It might mean they need to come back to one of your offices to receive, review, sign and send back a fax using a Multi-Function Printer or fax machine. Or it might mean driving around looking for a copy place to send a fax.

eFax Corporate can help these members of your team accomplish more — making them “reachable” by fax anywhere they have an Internet connection. With our cloud fax solution, your remote employees will be able to receive, review, edit, digitally sign and send faxes wherever they can get online — even using their tablets and smart phones.

Reliable Online Business Faxing

Increase Faxing Reliability

Because business moves in real-time, you can’t afford for your employees to miss an important fax from a customer, or fail to successfully deliver your own faxes. From contracts to bills of lading, from purchase orders to proofs of delivery, and from invoices to critical tax information — your team needs to know that they can count on your fax infrastructure to deliver and receive important faxes every time.

eFax Corporate's business fax offers unparalleled reliability, providing our business customers with a sophisticated, multi-million dollar global infrastructure of highly secure, Tier III and Tier IV data centers, and industry-leading uptimes of 99.5%. In addition, your team will no longer need to second-guess whether or not an important fax, bill of lading, critical PO or invoice went through successfully. eFax Corporate will always email delivery confirmation immediately.

Secure Cloud Fax

Automated Barcode Scanning: Another Advantage for Transportation Firms Like Yours

Given that the barcodes affixed to many of the documents your firm receives every day contain critical metadata like notes about shortages or damages, your customer service department and other teams need to be able to read and take action on this data as promptly as possible. With the eFax Developer™ API added to your eFax Corporate service, you can leverage automated barcode reading to streamline your workflows even further.

The process is simple. When you receive a fax containing a barcode, eFax Corporate will scan the barcode’s image, capture all data within it, and immediately and securely email it to you, along with the fax itself, using XML. eFax Developer supports most barcode symbologies, including Code 39 and DataMatrix.

eFax Developer even provides you access to a barcode creator that you can easily use to add barcodes to your outbound faxes — to streamline your team’s workflows when communicating your own critical information to vendors and partners.

You can find out more about the eFax Developer Fax API here. Of course, confirmation receipts are always sent directly to the user or your company as configured.

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