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Benefits for Your Educational Institution

Secure Faxing for Schools

Fax by Email Easily & From Anywhere in Your School

It doesn't matter if your institution is a public, charter or private school. Chances are your staff sends and receives a great deal of its education records and disclosures by fax — transcripts and other student records, insurance forms, applications, records requests, student financial information, etc. That also means your institution’s IT department is forced to manage and maintain a network of aging desktop fax machines, Telco lines and costly in-house fax servers.

Reduce Your Fax Costs and Hassles

  • Eliminate the need for onsite fax machines, fax hardware or software.
  • No need for your IT staff to continue managing and troubleshooting any onsite fax infrastructure.
  • Your institution can significantly reduce your overhead costs of traditional faxing — ink, paper, toner, and dedicated fax telephone lines.
  • Eliminate long-distance phone charges you are incurring today for certain faxes.
Secure Faxing for Schools

Improve Your Fax Workflows and Staff Efficiency

  • FERPA Compliant Solutions Available.
  • Send and receive faxes by email, from any Internet-connected device.
  • Keep detailed records and audit trails of all sent and received faxes
  • Effectively maintain the integrity and confidentiality of students’ Personally Identifiable Information
  • Eliminate long-distance phone charges you are incurring today for certain faxes.

Streamline Your Operational Processes-
No Fax Maintenance or Phone Charges

Colleges can securely fax by email

eFax Corporate — a leader in secure cloud faxing more than 15 years — can help your school move smoothly and painlessly to a far more streamlined, cost-effective and secure solution for faxing. Our fully hosted, cloud fax service lets your staff securely send and receive faxes by email, without the need for printing or scanning. It also moves all of the responsibility, maintenance and IT headaches of managing your fax infrastructure to our cloud fax experts.

Because paper-based faxes can sit unattended on a fax machine in common areas of your institution, and because electronic documents stored in your fax servers can also be accessible by unauthorized personnel, you might be unsure whether your faxing processes are as secure as they need to be.

FERPA Compliant Fax Service

Secure Document Transmission

With our fax solution your inbound faxes are always forwarded directly to your staff’s individual email addresses. This ensures that only the authorized personnel intended to receive protected disclosures by fax actually receive them. Additionally, the eFax cloud system transmits your faxes over our secure cloud fax network, using the highest standards of encryption. For education customers requiring secure storage of all fax disclosures, optional eFax Secure™ provides cutting-edge encryption of all inbound faxes as long as you’re a customer — a great enhancement to help your school meet FERPA compliance requirements.

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