Cloud Faxing for Manufacturers Datasheet


Highly Encrypted Cloud Faxing for Manufacturers

eFax Corporate’s secure cloud faxing solutions improve both operational efficiencies and compliance, reduce costs and more.

Manufacturers use eFax Corporate to streamline their processes—eliminate fax servers, telco lines, maintenance costs, and improve compliance.

Fax technology has progressed from dedicated, standalone machines to cloud-based integrated services. Today, progressive manufacturers are moving their fax infrastructure to the cloud. By eliminating concerns about system reliability, cost, scalability, and hardware and software maintenance, these companies are able to free internal resources to focus on other business-critical systems and processes.

Enter eFax® Corporate:

The world’s most experienced provider of secure online fax solutions. We’ve securely faxed hundreds of millions of pages since 2000, and help the manufacturing industry improve security and compliance, respond faster to customer needs, and cut overhead costs.

Highest Encryption Levels

256-bit AES and TLS encryption protect your faxes immediately

Tier-III Secure Servers

Servers in highly secure data centers keep your faxes protected 24/7/365.

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Is opened and a PIN required when you access your fax online.

eFax® is the Number #1 Choice for Manufacturers

Manufacturing firms in virtually every industry are feeling the intense pressure — both from increasing competition and from cash-strapped customers — to improve productivity, to respond more quickly to orders and requests, to ship product faster, and to cut every possible dollar from operational costs to keep the business profitable and competitive.

eFax Corporate provides manufacturing companies with a simple, but powerful cloud-based solution that enables its employees to fax by email quickly, easily and from anywhere.

More Efficient, More Cost-Effective, More Secure

The manufacturing industry has document-intensive business processes, whether its purchase orders, invoices, statements, shipping and delivery records, or other documentation. And in an era of instantaneous transactions, clients’ expectations are that their communications move just as quickly. eFax Corporate moves your traditional fax transmissions from the costly analog model of paper fax machines and unreliable fax servers tied to traditional telephone lines, to a faster, more convenient and more cost-effective cloud-based service.

No need for your IT staff to continue managing and troubleshooting an onsite fax infrastructure.


Eliminate the need for onsite fax machines, fax hardware or software and execute banking transactions at the speed of the Internet.


Integrates seamlessly into your existing business systems—including CRM, SRM, Finance Applications and Car Dealer Management Systems.


Complete audit trails and advanced high- security data transmission options help you maintain compliance standards when sharing documents outside the organization.


Eliminate long-distance phone charges you are incurring today for certain faxes.


Your institution can significantly reduce overhead costs of traditional faxing — ink, paper, toner, and dedicated fax telephone lines.

Improve Fax Workflows and Staff Productivity

Receiving inbound faxes as email means you can conduct business when you need to and react quickly to clients around the clock. Your staff will no longer have to wait by a fax machine for a contract or confirmation, waste time redialing a busy fax number, queue up an outbound fax to be sent later, troubleshoot fax machines, reboot crashing fax servers, or manage an aging fax infrastructure.

Plus, you can see a dramatic reduction in the cost of supplies. Manual fax machines automatically print out every page, but users with eFax Corporate only print about one in four faxes received.

In a recent case study with manufacturer Heidelberg AG, the world’s leading provider to the print industry, implementing eFax Corporate cut their contract delivery to 15 days—a 600% improvement in response time over traditional faxing—and saved 75% on the cost of copying and printing materials alone.

With eFax Corporate you can fax anywhere, any time. We’ll handle everything and make faxing as easy as email for your staff. You can even keep your current fax number.


You Can Trust Industry Leader eFax Corporate

If your firm is like most in today’s automotive finance environment — looking for every competitive edge you can find — switching from a traditional, in-house enterprise faxing infrastructure to a secure cloud fax by email solution from eFax Corporate is a proven solution. When it comes to entrusting your documents and sensitive data, you should trust only the world leader. For twenty years, that has been the same provider–eFax Corporate. Trusted by more heavily regulated organizations than any other cloud fax provider, eFax Corporate is also the choice for most of the Fortune 500 and thousands of other midsized to large businesses.