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Fax Online, On the Go, On Your Terms

A useful extension to your eFax Corporate solution, the eFax Mobile App can significantly improve your faxing infrastructure. eFax Mobile is one more way eFax Corporate helps your organization get business done.

The eFax Mobile App helps your business:
  • Boost productivity by mobilizing your work force to fax online, via email & smartphone.
  • Save money on costly in-house fax servers and outdated fax machines.
  • Give your employees the tools to be more responsive to customers and prospects who communicate by fax.
  • Ensure secure document transmission with eFax Mobile’s proprietary digital fax technology.

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If you need a single fax number or a fax solution for less than 10 employees, you can sign up online at www.efax.com.

Take Your Business Faxing On the Go

Many times, sending a fax is the next step in moving business forward. But what do your employees do when they're away from the office? With the eFax Mobile App's simple interface, your staff can securely send and receive important business faxes anytime, from any mobile device.

Download the eFax Mobile App

Our eFax Mobile app puts the power of a fax machine right on your phone or tablet. Send and receive faxes anywhere on the go with the eFax mobile app and your eFax account.

The eFax Mobile App Integrates Seamlessly into Your Business

The eFax Mobile App lets your employees easily import, convert and send business faxes right from their mobile devices. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), eFax converts documents to text for easy reading on a mobile device. eFax also allows for converting to PDF, and sending the fax right from a mobile device — all within eFax Corporate's secure environment protecting your business faxes.

With the eFax Mobile App integrated into your organization, your employees on the road will no longer have to search for a place to send a fax — and they'll never be delayed again in receiving important faxes just because they weren't at their desks.

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