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The Cloud Fax Solution More Enterprises Trust Than Any Other

A fully hosted online fax service used every day by nearly half of the Fortune 500, eFax Corporate lets your employees securely send and receive faxes by email, from anywhere.

Enterprises trust eFax Corporate to help them:
  • Boost staff productivity with fax-anywhere capability.
  • Improve the security of their sensitive fax documents — both in transit and at rest.
  • Enhance compliance with strict data-privacy regulations such as HIPAA and SOX.
  • Reduce their overall faxing costs by moving their fax infrastructure to the cloud.

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eFax or eFax Corporate?

If you need a single fax number or a fax solution for less than 10 employees, you can sign up online at www.efax.com.

eFax Corporate Cloud Fax Solution

Fax technology has progressed from dedicated, standalone machines to a web-based integrated services. Today, progressive companies are moving their faxing model to the cloud. By eliminating concerns about system reliability, scalability, and hardware and software maintenance, they free internal resources to focus on other business-critical systems and processes.

eFax Corporate is a robust faxing platform used by millions of customers every day to securely transmit important business documents. eFax Corporate is offered as a completely hosted service, powered by a network of secure datacenters and colocations distributed across North America, Europe & Asia.

Our inbound faxing services are performed across a secure network of Telco-grade facilities equipped with environmental controls, infrastructure support, power management, and protective equipment. Transmission security and system redundancy are achieved through Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), which include multiple peers and Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections between each colocation and our primary datacenter, where core backend systems reside.

Go Green!

Our secure-faxing technology is 100% paperless and requires no additional software or dedicated IT resources.

Inbound Service Features (Receive)

  • Local and Toll-free Inward dialing
  • Receive faxes as email attachments
  • Assign up to 5 email addresses per DID
  • Receive multiple simultaneous inbound faxes
  • Customizable inbound templates
  • First page thumbnail preview
  • Up to 200 pages per fax transmission
  • Unlimited inbound faxes per user
  • Outlook, POP3, IMAP client compatibility
  • Standard inbound templates available in multiple languages

Outbound Service Features (Send)

  • Send faxes from email client
  • Easily send, videos, images or any files that are too large for email.
  • Support for 45 native file types
  • Up to 10 attachments / 25MB
  • Up to 20 simultaneous recipients
  • Custom cover sheets
  • Disable cover page/templates
  • Auto resend attempts up to 5
  • 2 resolution modes (standard: 96 x 201 dpi, fine: 196 x 201 dpi)
  • Configurable CSID
  • Configurable fax receipt
  • Global transmissions
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