MFP Fax Direct Datasheet


Integrate Cloud Faxing with Your Multifunction Printers

— and Increase Your Efficiency from Both

Moving your enterprise fax infrastructure from in-house fax machines and servers to the cloud makes sense — from both an efficiency and productivity standpoint. But does migrating to a cloud fax solution mean you will no longer be able to send or receive a paper fax? Not at all.

With the eFax Corporate® Multifunction Printer Fax Direct Feature, a component of the world’s #1 cloud fax service eFax Corporate, your employees can fax right from the glass of your existing multifunction printers (MFPs) — as easily as they can send an email. Integrating your MFPs with the eFax Corporate cloud fax solution helps you extend the capabilities of the MFPs you’ve already invested in, while also helping you to eliminate dated fax infrastructure and its associated costs. It will even help you increase staff productivity by streamlining existing workflows.


Extend the capabilities of your MFPs


Simplify your faxing processes


Save your IT time and hassles


Deploy a Cost-Effective Cloud Fax Solution But Still Use Paper Faxes When Needed.

We know sometimes you have to use a paper fax, for either ‘wet ink’ signatures or to satisfy a customer, partner, or vendor. So eFax Corporate makes it easy.

With eFax Corporate your business can outsource your faxing to a fully hosted cloud service — while maintaining the ability for your employees to send or receive a paper fax when necessary.

Your multifunction printer’s fax functionality is fully integrated into your eFax Corporate cloud fax service — so you can easily track MFP fax usage across your company from your eFax admin account, enhancing your audit and compliance capabilities.

How the eFax Corporate MFP Fax Direct Feature Works:

  1. Your employee walks up to your MFP and scans the document(s) they want to fax.
  2. Using the MFP’s interface, they attach those scanned files to an email, select the saved fax number and hit “send.” By configuring pre-programmed “hot buttons” in the MFP’s Internet Integrated Fax Services, your employees can now send paper faxes with the touch of a button to frequently used fax numbers.1
  3. The fax is then sent as an email through your MFP via the eFax Corporate Network with a convenient confirmation receipt emailed directly to the sender.

Eliminate costly fax hardware and headaches for IT!


MFP Fax Direct Feature


Your IT Network Without eFax Corporate

Managing your organization’s fax infrastructure onsite means handling more than just fax machines and servers — although those headaches can be enough to consider upgrading. It also means maintaining dedicated telco lines for your analog faxes, renewing software licenses for your fax servers, and fielding employee complaints about failing desktop fax machines or fax-server issues.
With onsite fax infrastructure, your business or IT staff must continually manage:
Fax machine maintenance and troubleshooting. The upkeep of dated fax infrastructure – toner, paper, telco lines and troubleshooting fax errors can slow down your business and waste your technical support staff’s time.

Employee training and technical support. From faxing from MFPs to managing server issues, on-site fax infrastructure requires the time and expertise of skilled IT staff – a valuable resource for every business.

Fax Server maintenance. Fax server software updates, patches, and security and hardware upgrades can require significant time and IT resouces to complete, diverting them from forward looking IT projects. In addition, if not properly maintained with software updates and patches, any server operating system can be vulnerable to crashes and security flaws, another potential distraction to your business.

Your Enterprise IT Network With eFax Corporate

With eFax Corporate and our MFP Fax Direct Feature, your IT team can eliminate all of these headaches, moving your fax capabilities to the cloud while still maintaining the ability to send or receive a paper fax onsite when necessary.

Why You Should be Cloud Faxing from Your MFP

In addition to saving money on dedicated fax hardware, there are several other unique benefits to integrating your multifunction printers with cloud faxing eFax Corporate:
Moving to a cloud fax model with eFax Corporate elminates the dated fax infrastructure that can bog down your business and IT staff. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of your MFP fax integration which can streamline an inefficient business workflow process – sending paper faxes.
You’ll also look like an IT hero because training is simple, since sending a fax with eFax is as easy as sending an email. Plus your staff can enjoy the convenience and simplicity of sending from any internet- connected device so they won’t be tethered to physical fax machines anymore.