eFax Corporate Provides All Three with HITRUST CSF® Certification

Many companies sell their products with a healthy dose of assurance. Product dependability, reliance, value, comfort, status — whether it is a car, cell phone, or couch, an affirmation that they are making the right decision goes a long way towards convincing a potential customer to complete the sale; and little wonder, assurance is peace of mind.

This same adage is true for businesses — the assurance built into certifications and standards reassures companies that their business relationships run smoothly and reliably, without complications. Businesses that adhere to these guidelines are businesses that run at, or very close to, the peak of efficiency and execution.

At eFax Corporate®, our pursuit of excellence focuses strongly on compliance and certification as a cornerstone of the assurances we pass on to all our customers.

Why is certification important?

As an eFax Corporate customer, you entrust us to deliver state-of-the-art cloud fax technology to help you meet your customers’ needs. They are entrusting you with their most sensitive and confidential health, financial, and legal information. In turn, you entrust us to help you protect the confidentiality of that same information.  

We take that role seriously. eFax Corporate maintains the highest standard of privacy, security, and regulatory compliance in the fax industry.

We incorporate a number of safeguards into our development process to accomplish this. For example, our digital cloud fax technology (DCFT) complies with financial security and privacy regulations, including HIPAA and GLBA. In compliance with the recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), DCFT meets the most stringent requirements for secure document transmission, including protecting data at rest according to the Advanced Data Encryption (AES) standard. With eFax Corporate, your fax data resides in redundant Tier III/IV-rated, highly secure colocations and private data centers. Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds a vital level of authentication to prevent unauthorized access to your faxes and data.

Introducing HITRUST CSF

Recently, we received the highest levels of certification for the healthcare industry, HITRUST CSF.

Considered by many to be the “gold standard” for a compliance framework in the healthcare information industry, the HITRUST CSF certification acknowledges that eFax Corporate utilizes a well-developed and well-recognized framework for regulatory compliance and risk management.

Achieving the HITRUST CSF certification is a notable accomplishment. It entails a rigorous, third-party assessment process that involves multiple stages of self-assessment, CSF assessment and review, and a HITRUST quality assurance review. By obtaining the HITRUST CSF certification, our organization is following a framework that is constantly evolving and upgrading to reflect the latest security and transmission standards in the industry.

What makes HITRUST CSF certification so unique?

Effectively managing data, information risk, and compliance is a complex activity in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. Numerous development and implementation considerations go into building a program that encompasses and integrates all the elements needed to manage this risk and maintain compliance.

The HITRUST CSF certification verifies that our development efforts have truly paid off. Developed in collaboration with information security professionals, the CSF certification incorporates internationally accepted standards, including ISO, NIST, PCI, HITECH, and HIPAA, to ensure that certified organizations maintain a comprehensive set of security controls.

Other organizations recognize the importance of certification and the quality of the HITRUST CSF. According to HITRUST, 81 percent of hospitals and 80 percent of health plans have adopted the framework in some way. eFax Corporate is proud to become the first major cloud fax provider to achieve this certification.

By undergoing the process to earn the HITRUST CSF Certification, eFax Corporate demonstrates its commitment to maintaining the highest electronic data protection standards in the industry. It is our documented assurance to our customers, and to their customers, that we take our jobs very seriously.Learn more about eFax Corporate and the HITRUST CSF certification at https://enterpriseefax.wpengine.com