Virtual Panel on Healthcare Cybersecurity in the COVID Era: ‘The Devices Are Always Listening’

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In a recent HITRUST virtual panel co-sponsored by eFax Corporate, “Effectively Managing Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in a Turbulent Healthcare Ecosystem,” HITRUST’s Michael Parisi shared an insightful anecdote. A friend of Michael’s, working from home during the lockdown, had a phone

How to Utilize the HHS Cybersecurity Guidelines to Protect Your Practice

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. With that in mind, eFax Corporate recently co-hosted a webinar with IT provider Entegration to review the Department of Health & Human Services’ new voluntary cybersecurity guidance.  Leading the discussion in this webinar were Art

The Road to Unified Communications

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How to Successfully Migrate VoIP and SIP The transition to Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been underway for over a decade, but companies of all sizes are finding out the hard way that not all legacy applications perform well in the new converged environment. Fax in particular is

Cybersecurity Breaches and Fines

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Looking at HIPAA and Beyond We are excited to announce that we will be sponsoring HITECH Answers’s HIPAA Chat for March! These monthly Q&A style chats discuss the latest trends and topics impacting HIPAA, and will provide answers to your most pressing questions./p> When: Tuesday,

How Well Are You Protecting Patient Health Information From Cyber-Attacks?

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As healthcare continues to be a prized target for cyber-criminals, the government is taking threats to the privacy and security of patient information very seriously with the ramp-up of the HIPAA Compliance Phase 2 Audits by the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Health &

New Year, New Ways to Stay HIPAA Compliant in 2017

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We are excited to announce that we will be sponsoring HiTech Answers’s HIPAA Chat for January! These monthly Q&A style chats discuss the latest trends and topics impacting HIPAA, and will provide answers. When: Thursday, January 19, 2017Time: 12:30 PM EST/9:30 AM

A Tip for IT Managers and Business Owners

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You Can Get More From Your MFPs! Businesses today utilize MFPs (Multifunction Printers) for most of their intended uses – printing, copying and scanning, for example. Interestingly, in our conversations with IT managers and businesses owners, many didn’t know that they could extend the

Look at What Else Your Multifunction Printers Can Do!

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Is Your Business Ready to Maximize Your MFPs with Cloud Faxing? With researchers at IDC reporting that nearly 18,000,000 multi-function printers (MFPs) were shipped in 2013 alone, chances are high that your business has already invested in these desktop devices — and your staff is

BYOD for Healthcare Businesses – Myths, Facts and Best Practices

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Misconceptions Companies Have About BYOD Compliance —and 10 Best Practices for Managing Mobile Devices in the Workplace In our latest webinar, “HIPAA-Compliant Faxing in a BYOD World,” eFax Corporate® discusses several of the act’s vaguely written guidelines governing data privacy —

Healthcare, HIPAA & Apps– The BYOD Party

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Common misconceptions about BYOD, Healthcare Apps and HIPAA can put your organization at risk Use of personal devices (BYOD) is now commonplace in healthcare – as most physicians and healthcare workers use their personal devices for sharing patient information, checking dosage, authorizing

The IT Manager’s Survival Guide to Outsourcing Your Fax Infrastructure to the Cloud Webinar

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Watch This Before Your Organization Conducts a Make/Buy Analysis on Existing Fax Servers and Infrastructure… For many in IT management, spending capital, time and IT resources on maintaining fax servers and infrastructure is not a high priority. However, because many established industries

Cyber hacking in the healthcare industry: webinar

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Is a paradigm shift in the methods of protecting ePHI needed? Last year alone, over 10 million people in the US were impacted by healthcare industry data breaches.   Information housed by covered entities provides fertile ground for hackers because it contains names, birthdates

HIPAA Hazards to Avoid in 2015 – December Webinar

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HIPAA Hazards to Avoid in 2015 Thursday, December 18, 2014.  2pm ET/11am PT On the heels of an expected increase in OCR audits starting in January 2015, we still have more questions than answers as it relates to the Conduit Exception, Business Associate Agreements (BAA's), HIPAA

Free On-Demand HIPAA Chat

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Best Practices for Conducting a Security Risk Analysis View this on-demand “HIPAA Chat” for a valuable discussion on the best practices for conducting security risk analysis within your healthcare organization.  In this event, we address HIPAA/HiTech Act requirements and

WEBINAR: 6 Steps to Ensure HIPAA Compliance with Mobile Devices

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Live Webinar for Healthcare Professionals When electronic protected health information (ePHI) is exchanged using any mobile device - a nurse's personal smart phone, a doctor's home laptop - it could trigger aHIPAA Security event.  How can you secure all of the laptops, tablets and

Unplug Your Fax Machine – Webinar

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On-Demand Webinar for the Real Estate Industry This webinar explains the capabilities and benefits that online faxing offers your real estate business.  See how fax has evolved in recent years from a stand-alone immobile device to an anytime anywhere service that allows you to

Live Webinar: Pull the Plug on Your Fax Machine

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Live Webinar and Whitepaper for the Real Estate Industry In this ever-changing world of business technology, your real estate office is faced with making choices between the old and the new – weighing big and small decisions to maintain, replace and upgrade the technologies that help to

HIPAA Compliance with a BAA

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Ensuring HIPAA Compliance with a Business Associate Agreement With the September 23, 2013 trigger date for the Omnibus rule of the HITECH act, many healthcare providers are trying to come to terms with the requirements for documenting business arrangements with vendors. The term Business

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