Recognize the signs of the Fax Apocalypse – prepare now for Cloud Faxing

There’s a global epidemic of businesses using dated fax technologies, resulting in waste, frustrated workers, compliance risks, and an all-out proliferation of angry fax zombies.  This epidemic has rendered employees ineffective and into zombie-like states – having been forced to deal with inefficient fax processes, paper jams, telco lines, long distance fees, and ever changing fax numbers and busy signals.

Don’t let your business fall victim to the coming apocalypse – use our Survival Guide for the Fax Apocalypse to identify the risks and signs of zombie fax activities at your business. Stop the proliferation of angry fax zombies now by moving to a secure cloud fax model.  Smart survivors can prepare for this move during the daylight hours and implement a Survival Plan so fast that the Zombies won’t event know what happened.

The Survival Guide also gives you a roadmap for preparation and survival of this global epidemic – because you may be humanity’s last hope against the coming fax apocalypse – and you may be able to save others with your newfound survival skills.

eFax Corporate Zombie Fax Infographic

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