Eye on Technology Survey from Legal Professionals

In April we conducted a poll of legal professionals to mine insights about issues and trends within the industry. The survey revealed a strong mobile adoption trend, with those in the legal industry identifying mobile solutions (42 percent) as the No. 1 spending priority in the coming year, followed by cloud based applications (26 percent). Many legal respondents also envision a “paperless office” in the future, but to date, physical documents remain the norm.

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With Technological Advances Come Increased Security Worries

Concerns about security within the legal profession understandably abound. Despite technology advancements, security requirements have become increasingly complicated when reviewing, sending and sharing secure sensitive legal documents. Over half (55 percent) of legal professionals cite document security as their top concern related to documents, but there’s often a disconnect on the best route for secure exchange.

•    With respect to concerns related to documents, secure document transfer is a serious concern (12 percent), prevailing over audit trails (4 percent) and eDiscovery preparedness (4 percent).

•      Despite security being a top concern, the majority of legal professionals use two of the least secure methods to exchange documents most frequently (email, 42 percent, and paper mail, 25 percent).

•    These methods are favored over more secure methods like electronic fax and courier, though fax comes through in the crunch: more than half of legal professionals (51 percent) have relied on mobile or digital fax to respond quickly in time-sensitive situations.

For more information on the survey and to see the raw data, please visit Survey Results.