HIPAA Compliance Checklist and Cybersecurity Awareness Infographic

HIPAA Compliance Checklist & Healthcare Cybersecurity Awareness Infographic

Stephen P Trahan | Jun 21, 2018

Is Your Healthcare Organization at Risk for a HIPAA Violation? Find out with our HIPAA Security Checklist.

Understanding HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is not easy. But if your organization has access to electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), compliance is essential. We have put together a checklist of important information to help you on your HIPAA compliance journey.

Before the list we breakdown;

The Top 5 Largest HIPAA Fines:

HIPAA audits continue to ramp up. Here is a look back at 5 of the biggest HIPAA penalties and settlement agreements between healthcare organizations and HHS.

  • Advocate Health System (Downers Grove, Ill.): $5.55 million
  • Memorial Healthcare Systems (Hollywood, FL.): $5.5 million
  • NY Presbyterian Hospital & Columbia University (New York, NY.): $4.8 million
  • Cignet Health (Temple Hills, MD.): $4.3 million
  • Fresenius Medical Care (North America.): $3.5 million

5 Most Common HIPAA Violations:

Here are the top 5 most common HIPAA violations so you can take the necessary steps to prevent them.

  • Keeping Unsecured Records
  • Unencrypted Data
  • Hacking
  • Loss or Theft of Devices
  • Lack of Employee Training

5 Ways to Prevent HIPAA Data Breaches:

Data breaches are on the rise, but these 5 protective measures can help.

  • Educate and Inform Staff
  • Maintain Possession of Mobile Devices
  • Enable Encryptions and Firewalls
  • Double check that Files are Stored Correctly
  • Properly Dispose of Paper Files

5 Secure Communication Types to keep your business compliant:

Whether you need to have a private conversation or exchange files safely, here are some of the most secure communication types.

HIPAA Compliance Checklist and Healthcare Cybersecurity Awareness Infographic

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