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HIPAA Compliant Faxing for Healthcare: Video Tutorial

Brad Spannbauer | Nov 16, 2016

Did you know that if you’re a healthcare organization, work with healthcare providers or if your business is in any way a “covered entity” regulated by HIPAA, chances are your traditional fax processes are leaving your company vulnerable to noncompliance with that law?

Standard desktop fax machines can leave businesses sending or receiving electronic protected health information (ePHI) open to compliance violations because HIPAA demands that such data be restricted to authorized personnel only — and a paper fax left sitting on a fax machine can be viewed or grabbed by anyone walking by.

Even fax servers present HIPAA compliance challenges, because when those fax servers’ hard drives fill up and need to be purged — usually with the fax documents being printed out for filing before being deleted — those paper documents can also be left out for unauthorized personnel to see or take them.

What’s more, even if no one can prove such non-authorized viewings of ePHI has ever happened in your company, the mere fact that your company’s fax processes leave open this possibility can be enough to warrant a fine or other penalty if HIPAA’s auditors ever come knocking for an inspection.

This is one reason that eFax Corporate has been the business cloud fax service most trusted by the healthcare industry for nearly two decades — we know how to keep your inbound, outbound and stored faxes secure and on the right side of HIPAA regulators.

Watch our short video below to learn how we can migrate your company’s business faxing to a highly secure, HIPAA compliant cloud fax service, and how we can also help your organization:

-  Significantly lower your business’s overall fax costs
-  Boost staff productivity
-  Increase the security of your fax transmissions and your stored fax documents
-  Reduce your IT team’s fax-maintenance headaches

In an era of sophisticated cyber hacking — where health records are among the most sought-after target for cyber criminals — your organization can’t afford to leave any of your communication protocols for sending or receiving ePHI vulnerable either to hackers or to aggressive HIPAA compliance auditors.

So please watch the video below, and then contact eFax Corporate to receive a free custom quote for deploying HIPAA compliant Healthcare faxing solution across your company or practice.

Brad Spannbauer

About Brad Spannbauer

A 20 year industry veteran, Brad Spannbauer currently oversees product strategy and planning, and provides direction and market leadership for j2 Cloud Connect's worldwide business as their Senior Director of Product Management. His focus in the Healthcare and Legal verticals led to Brad's involvement with the j2 Cloud Services™ compliance team, where he leads the team as the company's HIPAA Privacy & Compliance Officer.

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