Integrating MFDs with Cloud Fax Services

Tim Dubes | Jul 31, 2014

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Corporate users may think that they don’t need fax within their organization because they simply scan a paper document with a networked multi-function device (MFD) and send it as an email attachment. There are certainly applications where this process makes sense; but there are also many occasions where a captured document needs to be sent with a confirmation receipt and audit trail, or where regulatory or customer requirements dictate a facsimile for a given transaction. In this case a fax service can be used to enhance your network of MFDs, yet still eliminate telephony lines and other hardware devices. In fact to the end user, sending a fax and sending an email could be a transparent process.

Join eFax Corporate® for this informative webinar on “Integrating MFDs with Cloud Fax Services.” You’ll learn how you can easily create an integrated system for document transmissions, whether they originate from paper, pdf, desktop applications or even remote endpoints. 

We'll show you how eFax Corporate helps you:  

• Send faxes from MFDs

• Automatically print/email send confirmations & receipts

• Maintain a complete audit trail and fax archive

• Deploy custom cover sheets

Integrating MFDs with Cloud Fax Services

Tim Dubes

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Tim Dubes Former Sr. Manager, Enterprise Marketing at eFax Corporate® - a part of j2 Global™
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