Is Your Business Ready to Maximize Your MFPs with Cloud Faxing?

With researchers at IDC reporting that nearly 18,000,000 multi-function printers (MFPs) were shipped in 2013 alone, chances are high that your business has already invested in these desktop devices — and your staff is likely putting them to good use for printing, scanning and copying. But how can you extend the capabilities and ROI of these printers you’ve already invested in?

Simple: Upgrade your legacy fax infrastructure to an enterprise cloud fax solution — and integrate paper-based faxing directly from your multi-function printers — with the eFax Corporate® MFP Fax Direct Feature.

That’s the subject of our latest webinar, “Maximize Your MFPs with Cloud Faxing – Is Your Business Ready?” (Register here.)

In this educational webinar, Michael Flavin and Brad Spannbauer from our eFax Corporate® team will discuss how businesses can extend the capabilities of their multi-function printers — and also streamline their fax infrastructure — by incorporating a cloud fax solution that lets employees send paper faxes from the MFP “glass.”

Dispelling misconceptions about fax, email and MFPs

The webinar will address several common misconceptions that keep both employees and IT organizations from fully leveraging the MFPs their businesses have already invested in, or modernizing and streamlining their legacy fax infrastructure.

  • We address such common myths as:
  • We don’t even need fax capability anymore. We can just scan a document and then email it.
  • You can’t send a paper fax directly from an MFP anyway.
  • Even if we did still need a fax infrastructure, we could easily fax via T.38 since we’ve migrated to VoIP. Learn more about VoIP faxing

How incorporating eFax Corporate MFP Fax Direct Feature can help your business

Finally, the webinar will offer specific examples — with use cases from several industries — showing how the eFax Corporate® MFP Fax Direct Feature  can improve your business’s fax processes, including:

  • Faxing directly from the MFP glass
  • How easy it is to eliminate your legacy fax infrastructure such as fax machines and servers — while maintaining the ability to send paper faxes
  • Allowing your staff to send and receive faxes from any Internet-connected device, anywhere, anytime, and even from standard software tools like MS Word and Adobe
  • Creating a clear, complete audit trail for your business’s faxes
  • Using the MFP to fax to multiple distribution lists, create custom cover sheets, add a signature and more
  • Enhancing document transmission security and regulatory compliance

And perhaps most important…Enjoying peace of mind — knowing that all of your faxed documents are protected both in transit and at rest – with the highest levels of security and encryption.

Reserve your seat for the webinar here.