Huge disappointment in soccer world as De Gea deal to Real Madrid is off due to paperwork not being turned in on time.

As reported by ESPNBBC Sports and today, Manchester United and Real Madrid missed out on a huge trade opportunity because the required paperwork wasn’t turned into the League offices in time. Alleged reports from Spain claim that the necessary paperwork which was needed to complete the trade of De Gea for Keylor Navas – worth 30 million Euros – didn’t reach the La Liga offices in time, resulting in several confirmed reports that De Gea is staying at Manchester United and Keylor Navas is staying at Real Madrid.  De Gea was reportedly “distraught” not be joining his native team due to the deal falling through.

Twitter was awash today, pointing out that a simple ‘eFax®’ could have made everyone happy.


The entire issue could have been avoided had the teams used eFax Corporate to send their contracts!