Watch the New eFax Corporate Video:

Move to an Enterprise Cloud Fax Solution

Looking for a quick, visual, explanation of why it makes such intuitive sense to upgrade your business’ fax infrastructure to the cloud? Click below to view the new eFax Corporate video, “Move to an Enterprise Cloud Faxing Solution.”

This 2 minute video exposes several ways — some often below a company’s radar — that in-house fax servers or fax machines could be robbing your enterprise’s productivity.

The video also introduces several potentially surprising costs that an on-premise faxing infrastructure can have on your organization. It then moves on to outline how – by switching to an enterprise-caliber cloud fax service – you can reclaim significant staff productivity and IT resources, all typically for substantially less than you’re spending today to support your existing fax infrastructure.

Move to an Enterprise Cloud Faxing Solution

Retire your fax server and move to the cloud