Live Webinar: Pull the Plug on Your Fax Machine

Tim Dubes | Aug 20, 2014

Live Webinar and Whitepaper for the Real Estate Industry


Pull the Plug on Your Fax Machine

In this ever-changing world of business technology, your real estate office is faced with making choices between the old and the new – weighing big and small decisions to maintain, replace and upgrade the technologies that help to support and grow the core business.  While you have seen many technologies and processes get replaced and quickly forgotten about, one legacy technology seems to persist:  faxing.  

Faxing remains prevalent in our daily processes with clients, vendors and business partners.  But this does not mean we should still fax the old fashioned way – the least efficient, most costly, least reliable way – the fax machine.

Join eFax Corporate for this informative Webinar and Whitepaper series.  We will show you:


•  How your  - while keeping all existing fax numbers!

•  The key efficiencies your office will gain with online faxing while maintaining no hardware, software or dedicated fax lines

•  What the transition from fax machine to online fax can look like for your real estate business

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About the Speaker

Tim Dubes is a document logistics veteran, having spent 20 years leading sales and marketing efforts in the U.S. and Europe for Cardiff (Autonomy), Captaris (Open Text) and Readsoft.  He is a frequent speaker on document classification, data extraction and image enhancement topics at industry conferences, seminars and workshops. 

Tim Dubes

About Tim Dubes

Tim Dubes Former Sr. Manager, Enterprise Marketing at eFax Corporate® - a part of j2 Global™
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