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If your business is like most, chances are you still need to maintain a fax infrastructure for your staff. It’s hard to believe that a communication technology that was thriving in the mid-80s — when the first Back to the Future movie hit theaters — could still be an essential part of your team’s modern IT environment. But because partners, vendors and customers continue to use this analog-era technology to communicate with your company for various reasons such as; compliancy, security, delivery and time statements, etc, you need to support your staff with the ability to send and receive faxes secure faxes.

But that doesn’t mean you need to keep faxing like it’s 1985. In fact, in our new infographic — Fax to the Future — you can quickly learn the enormous benefits of replacing your legacy fax infrastructure with a modern, cloud faxing service designed for businesses like yours.

View the infographic below to see 30 years of fax history condensed and transformed — plus discover several reasons to migrate today to a cloud fax model

We’ll show you, for example:

–  The IT administrative hassles that you and your team can outsource to a trusted cloud fax provider.

–  The costs of your existing fax infrastructure that you might not even be counting, and how much you can save with a cloud fax model.

–  How much time your staff can save sending a long fax document through the cloud versus sending it from a traditional fax machine.

–  The added security (and regulatory compliance) benefits of faxing through the cloud, with a leader like eFax Corporate.

Fax to the Future - with Secure Cloud Fax

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