Watch This Before Your Organization Conducts a Make/Buy Analysis on Existing Fax Servers and Infrastructure…

For many in IT management, spending capital, time and IT resources on maintaining fax servers and infrastructure is not a high priority. However, because many established industries — such as legal, healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing— are highly dependent on fax documents, IT management must continue to optimize this technology to meet business needs and requirements.

But if your organization is spending more time than you should handling employees’ fax complaints or performing maintenance on fax servers and other infrastructure, it might be time to take your business’s fax infrastructure to the cloud, and leverage all of the benefits of a fully hosted cloud fax solution — benefits that include cost savings, freed-up IT resources, enhanced security and regulatory compliance, and even increased employee productivity.

This informative webinar from eFax Corporate — “The IT Manager’s Survival Guide to Outsourcing Your Fax Infrastructure to the Cloud” — will give you quick primer on the current landscape of fax technologies, the pros and cons of each, and a detailed guide to help you determine whether migrating to the cloud is right for your business.

In this brief webinar, you’ll receive a crash-course in fax technologies, including:

  • The 3 current cloud-faxing models (Public, Private and Hybrid), along with an objective assessment of each technology’s benefits and drawbacks.
  • 5 ways to know if your organization is ready for a full-cloud faxing infrastructure
  • 7 fax-server costs many businesses forget — and the shocking true cost they add up to
  • 10 things to consider before moving your entire fax infrastructure to a cloud solution
  • 3 real-world examples of how cloud faxing can work, from real businesses

Watch the webinar: Outsourcing Your Fax Infrastructure to the Cloud.