Don’t Let VoIP Break the Fax Line

Will your customers’ VoIP migration wreck their ability to send and receive business faxes? Of all the communications that come along for the ride to IP in an enterprise-wide upgrade, fax can be the easiest to forget — and often the trickiest to transition smoothly from analog to VoIP.

If you want to help your customers in the process of an IP upgrade, or those who’ve already made the move and are having trouble with fax, please check out eFax Corporate’s featured article on for help.

In the 1,000-word post, “Don’t Let VoIP Break the Fax Line,” we explain many of the reasons fax might not work smoothly in an IP environment — such as network delays, jitter issues, packet loss, and others.

We also discuss several additional reasons you should encourage your customers to consider moving their enterprise fax infrastructure to a cloud-based, fully hosted online fax solution — even if they aren’t in the throes of a VoIP fax or phone upgrade. These additional benefits include the ability to send and receive faxes as email, the ability to digitally sign and edit faxes from a WiFi device — all without printing, scanning or copying — and the ability to assign unique virtual fax numbers to each employee without having to add analog fax phone lines each time. An eFax Corporate online fax solution can even be fully integrated with your customers’ SAP systems. You’ll learn about these and several other benefits in our guest post.

You can find the eFax Corporate feature article here. And if you’d like to learn how to become an authorized eFax Corporate Partner, selling the world’s #1 online fax solution for business, visit the eFax Corporate Partner page