Fax Server Replacement


Fax Server Replacement

The Best Enterprise Fax Server Alternative

No fax line costs, no servers to maintain.

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Significantly Lower Your Faxing Costs

Upgrading to eFax Corporate, the world’s #1 cloud fax service, can eliminate a significant upfront capital expense plus monthly recurring telco line charges, not to mention the IT overhead to keep it all running:


No fixed phone lines


No long distance costs


No server costs


No troubleshooting

Cloud Fax vs. On-Premise Fax Servers

Faxing is universal, ubiquitous, and easy to use. But increasingly, there are challenges seen with legacy paper fax, their related workflows, and costs. The industry has long been moving to replace the paper fax with more secure and HIPAA-compliant technology and there are two technologies at the forefront. They are: The fax server, which requires on-premise hardware and software; and digital cloud fax technology (DCFT), a reliable and scalable technology that runs entirely on the cloud and requires no additional hardware or software.


Troublesome fax servers

In addition to the extra hardware, fax software, and telecommunications services, on-premise fax servers also require on-site installation, training, and ongoing maintenance. These items are costly as they involve IT personnel for administration and maintenance. Other expenses also include monthly telco charges for phone lines, phone numbers, and PBX ports.

Because of these expenses, on-prem fax server solutions are cost-prohibitive for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and for even mid to large-sized corporations.

Fax servers are also less than reliable. The costs of downtime to a business can be incredibly high – and for some industries like healthcare and financial services – are completely untenable.

Cloud Fax Simply Works

Cloud Fax delivers encrypted communications and password-protected documents. You can get a complete audit trail of all activity and optional features such as fax tagging, annotations and digital signatures.

Experience better than 99.5% uptime fast delivery and receipt rates, with is ideal for time-sensitive information with high completion rates and reliability.

Better still, cloud fax is easy-to-use on the desktop, web, on the go (iOS and Android smartphones and tablets) and through an integration with enterprise-level APIs.


Reduced IT Costs

No fax maintenance, no hardware or software needed with our Enterprise cloud fax solution

Integrated Fax Processes

Fax by email right from your CRM, ERP or Electronic Healthcare Systems(EHR) application via our secure Fax API.

HITRUST, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA & SOX Compliant- We also sign BAA's.


Increased fax security

with optional TLS 1.2 encryption for fax transmissions, and AES 256-bit encryption for fax storage.

Advanced Auditing

Maintains audit logs for all sent and received fax documents and files with the capability to view up to 20 different tracking and reporting metrics.

Dedicated account manager & 24/7 support.

Challenges of Fax Servers

  • Involve capital expenses/acquisition costs of the server hardware, software, server license, line-card cost, other hardware equipment
  • Involve ongoing software maintenance costs
  • Require support costs for IT personnel to maintain server
  • Require monthly phone lines and fees
  • Require annual licensing fees
  • Only support local phone numbers (area code where fax server is located)
  • Involve complex configuration
  • Lengthy deployment
  • Semi-reliable; Uptime depends on hardware, fax boards, local power, and phone connectivity

Benefits of eFax Corporate Cloud Fax

  • Pay for only what you use
  • No capital expense or acquisition costs
  • No ongoing software maintenance fees
  • No IT support costs to maintain servers
  • Eliminate phone lines charges
  • No annual licensing fees
  • No startup costs
  • Scale on demand with unlimited fax capacity
  • Industry-leading reliability ensuring 99.5% uptime
  • Meets strict Disaster Recovery requirements
  • Can get started immediately

Comparing Digital Cloud Fax Technology With Legacy Fax Servers

Fax Servers eFax Corporate Cloud Fax
Capital Investment Hardware, software, telecom setup None
Telecom Needs Capacity for peak usage. Redundant access required None
Telecom Fees Monthly fees for fax lines and phone numbers None
Long Distance High None
Setup Time 8 – 10 weeks Up and running immediately in most cases
IT Knowledge Required High – requires expertise in fax server software, fax hardware, and telecom facilities None
Maintenance Client and server software upgrades needed for file compatibility and features. Hardware upgrades needs. These could be as high as 75% of the initial cost None
Reliability Inconsistent to no core redundancy or continuous monitoring 99.5% availability Redundant servers 7x24x365 monitoring tools & personnel
Scalability Limited capacity: restricted by capital and telecom choices.  Increasing capacity requires new hardware, sometimes new facilities, and 10 – 12 weeks to deploy and test On-demand, scalable capacity
Cost Per Transaction Long distance cost per minute for long distance traffic Fixed cost per transaction
Monthly Cost Annual software maintenance Monthly fees for each fax number Low monthly fee per active fax number
Total Cost of Ownership High Low
IT Environment Impact High – Increases complexity of IT environment and introduces new risk None
IT Overhead Depending on the size could end up in escalated expenses None
Administration and Reporting Average Feature rich – online administration, logging and tracking
Physical Security Servers usually run in the customer office with often no disaster recovery or business continuity plan, unless specifically implemented at an even higher cost World-class security infrastructure. Disaster recovery and business continuity plan
Document Security Document is not secure; located within the customer office HTTPS transmission, optional encryption at rest, TLS 1.2+ transport
Web access Limited functionality compared to desktop capabilities Standard offering

Bottom Line

Fax server environments cost significantly more, take more to maintain, and require more effort to deploy when compared to digital cloud fax technology.

Replace fax servers with cloud fax to eliminate major capital expenditures associated with faxing equipment – and the fax server -- and reduce fax expenses to a low operational cost. This means more to your bottom line. Furthermore, cloud fax requires no additional effort and time to deploy, is far more reliable, scalable, and flexible than other options.

eFax Corporate is the world’s leading digital cloud fax service for your business with millions of customers, worldwide. Call us or email us to get started today.


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