Lifetime Storage


eFax Corporate® will automatically store all of your company’s faxes on our cloud and let you easily access them anytime through your online portal.

Our lifetime fax storage and online fax retrieval can help you:

  • Save time and money by locating old faxes more quickly
  • Improve your record-keeping processes
  • Protect your archived faxes 24/7 with the most advanced data security protocols available
  • Improve your company’s compliance with data privacy and security regulations
  • Boost your business processes with lifetime fax storage and online retrieval

One great advantage of moving your company’s faxing infrastructure to eFax Corporate is that all of the faxes your staff sends and receives through our system can be automatically stored on our secure cloud for the life of your account.*

Additionally, your lifetime fax storage also includes fast and easy retrieval of any of your faxes through the eFax Corporate Message Center, our intuitive online portal.

This combined service — lifetime fax storage and anytime online retrieval — can help your staff more quickly locate important business communications, and even improve your company’s position with regard to regulatory compliance.


With the user-friendly eFax Corporate Message Center, your team can easily organize archived faxes according to a number of criteria, which will make it much easier to locate specific faxes later on. Your team can create fax storage folders, for example, for each customer or partner, or for all faxes relating to a specific project or within a specific timeframe. You can even add “tags” or keywords to faxes as you send or receive them — to make them easier to search for in the future. Having all archived faxes for a single client in one place can prove extremely helpful in the case of an audit or review by regulators, and it will improve your overall record-keeping ability.



Because eFax Corporate uses the most advanced protocols for fax security, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your archived fax data is as secure as it can possibly be, 24/7, for the life of your account. When you’ve sent or received a fax and the digital copy is stored on our cloud, we begin safeguarding that file immediately with advanced AES 256-bit encryption. Your faxes will also enjoy other sophisticated security measures while stored at our Telco-grade data centers — including onsite security personnel, 24/7 video surveillance, badge-restricted access and even biometric scanners.



If your company handles personally identifiable information (PII) regulated by any of the data privacy laws — HIPAA, SOX, GLB, FERPA, PIPEDA, etc. — your ability to protect that data, even while it is in storage, is an essential component of regulatory compliance. For this reason, we highly recommend you deploy our eFax Secure™ service and that you take advantage of our sophisticated secure fax storage protocols. Your ability to demonstrate to regulators that you are storing your PII on the most secure cloud possible — which eFax Corporate offers for your faxed communications — will go a long way to bringing your company into compliance with data privacy laws.

* Optional services for storing sent faxes are available.


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