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Whether you are a small office or a large, established company — instantly give your business a national presence — with a toll-free fax number from eFax Corporate®.

Why toll-free fax numbers can be great for your business:

  • Portability — Keep your toll-free fax number whenever your business expands or moves.
  • Memorability — Make your fax number easier to remember with a familiar toll-free prefix.
  • Affordability — Make contacting your business more affordable — and appealing — for customers.
  • Credibility — Send a signal that yours is a large and established company.

With a growing small or midsized business, offering a toll-free way of connecting is one of the easiest, pain-free and most affordable ways to for you to communicate back and forth with prospects and customers - especially an audit trail is needed.

When you set up a cloud faxing service with eFax Corporate, you will be able to choose your business’s online fax numbers from several options — using either local area codes or toll-free fax numbers. Toll-free fax numbers offer your business several benefits.

A Toll-Free Fax Number Can Quickly Establish Credibility

According to research cited in an Entrepreneur article*, lack of trust is the top reason customers choose not to do business with a company.

When prospects contact your business, you need to establish credibility as quickly as possible. One simple way to do this — cited in the Entrepreneur article — is with a toll-free number.

A toll-free fax number sends several credibility-boosting signals. It shows prospects you are willing to absorb the costs of their calls — signaling your confidence that you will earn their loyal business over time. It conveys the image that yours is a successful, national company. And it demonstrates that your business takes steps to create a better customer experience.

A Toll-Free Fax Number Will Remain Viable
No Matter Where Your Company Moves

If your business is growing, chances are you will be expanding into new cities, building your staff across different geographical regions, or perhaps moving your headquarters into a larger space in a nearby town. In all of these cases, if you are using business fax numbers with local area codes, you will likely need to change them or add more local numbers as you expand.

Even as you grow, expand into new territories or move, your toll-free fax numbers will remain viable. You won’t have to create new fax numbers to reflect your new area codes. You won’t need to inconvenience your customers, vendors and partners by making them learn your new numbers. And you won’t be forced to change your company’s existing collateral — business cards, website, marketing and sales handouts — with your new fax numbers.


Toll-Free Fax Numbers Will Be Easier
for Your Customers to Remember

Another important benefit toll-free fax numbers can provide your business is that they’re easier to remember than numbers with standard area-code prefixes.

With eFax Corporate, you’ll be able to choose from a range of toll-free numbers — 800, 888, 877, etc. — to create more familiarity for your customers. You can even select an available vanity phone number for your business — choosing numbers that spell a word or phrase on the keypad, such as 1-800-PRINTER.

Making your fax numbers easier to remember is just one more way you can remove obstacles to your prospects and customers doing business with you.


Toll-Free Fax Numbers Make It More Affordable
for Customers to Do Business with You

When you offer toll-free fax numbers through eFax Corporate, you make it more affordable —and, as a result, more appealing — for prospects to begin working with you, and for your existing customers do continue doing business with your company.

And because our fax to email service will be far more cost-effective than your in-house fax infrastructure — migrating to our cloud platform can reduce your company’s overall fax costs by more than 50% — you can offer this toll-free fax service to your customers and still save your company money over your historical business faxing costs.


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