eFax Corporate’s XML-based Fax API solutions are designed specifically for Highly-Regulated Industries that demand strong encryption as well as high-volume faxing. HIPAA & PCI-DSS Compliant Fax API.

Cloud Fax for Your CRM, EMR, EHR, ERP & Clinical Management Platforms.

After your business deploys our fax integration solution, it’ll be like having your own production-class fax server in-house — but without the equipment, hassle, maintenance or capital expense. Our secure fax solution for Healthcare providers, Medical payers, Law Firms & Financial Firms is the standard for compliance and reliability helping companies of all sizes from small business to enterprise send and receive critical document via the cloud.

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Our off-the-shelf Java and .NET/COM Object software developer API kits simplify the development and implementation effort required to get you up and running with application faxing.

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Inbound Fax Features

An Inbound fax arrives on a number issued by eFax Developer, where it is converted to a PDF or TIFF. The fax is posted to your “catcher” application as a Base64-encoded file in the XML wrapper, along with transmission and barcode metadata. (Our SDK helps take care of this for you.) The Transmission metadata is added to your usage logs and available online. Fax image files are also temporarily available online as a backup and can be viewed or reposted.

Key inbound features include:

Inbound faxes post to URL

Set a URL per fax number and your inbound faxes will automatically be posted to your application.

Barcode scanning

Enable this feature and inbound faxes will be scanned for barcodes and data from barcodes posted with the fax.

Page splitting

Enable this feature and inbound faxes will be split, and each page posted to your application separately.

Outbound Fax Features

Your outbound fax is posted to eFax Developer as a Base64-encoded file within the XML wrapper containing the recipient information. The document is faxed to your customer. Status info is immediately posted or emailed to you, and transmission metadata is added to your usage logs and available online.

Key outbound features include:

Outbound dispositions post to URL automatically

Set a URL per fax number and your outbound dispositions automatically post to your application with sent fax results.

Supports end-user transmission IDs

Set a unique transmission ID per outbound fax for tracking and reporting purposes.

Custom retry entries

Set up a custom retry scheme for your account, including number of retries and retry interval.

Secure Fax API for new or existing EHR & Healthcare solutions

Ready to integrate a powerful production faxing solution into your EHR or existing healthcare application? It’s easy, cost-effective & increases the productivity of your business’ team. Request a custom quote and download your free SDK.


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