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Easily Integrate Your SAP Solutions With Cloud Fax

Ideal for businesses that run SAP applications, the eFax SAP Connector offers a simple method to fax documents directly from your SAP systems and modules by email. With SAP Connector complementing your eFax Corporate® cloud fax service, your employees can fax quickly and conveniently right from SAP, and your IT team can reduce the hassles of onsite fax maintenance, and your business can enhance the value of your SAP systems.

eFax Connector offers:
  • Streamline staff workflows & Fax from any SAP Module
  • The use of eFax Corporate through a standard SMTP gateway
  • Secure Faxing via enhanced TLS encryption
  • Simplify fax usage reporting with an intuitive Administrator Portal
  • No Hardware or Software Needed
  • Receive faxes by email within SAP

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If you need a single fax number or a fax solution for less than 10 employees, you can sign up online at www.efax.com.

Sending Faxes from SAP: How it Works

With the SAP Connector integrated into your eFax Corporate cloud fax service is deployed in your environment, SAP will natively output your faxes as SMTP messages, (using the BC-SMTP Standard) which travel across the Internet directly to eFax, where we convert and process them to be delivered to your fax recipients.

We provide the most sophisticated encryption, Transport Layer Security (TLS), to ensure your faxes remain secure from point of origin to delivery. When the fax is delivered successfully, eFax sends a Delivery Status Notification (DSN) email back to the originating instance of SAP, where it can be routed to the proper module for your team to log the transmission for record-keeping and audit purposes.


eFax SAP Connector 2.0:

SAP Certified Fax Partner - eFax Corporate is the easy solution to help meet your businesses high volume faxing needs.

eFax Corporate: SAP Certified Fax Service Partner

Fax for SAP SAP Fax App SAP eFax Fax App

As an eFax Corporate customer, your organization will maintain complete administrative control over all cloud faxes sent or received through your eFax account — including those transmitted through your SAP environment. This also helps control fax security because you will have control over all fax usage and can assign (and remove) faxing privileges on an as-needed basis, in addition to eliminating the need to have inbound paper faxes sitting unsecured on traditional fax machines.

The eFax SAP Connector is certified under SAP’s BC-SMTP requirements and makes it easy to integrate NetWeaver, with eFax Corporate’s cloud-based fax-by-email service to meet your most demanding needs for secure corporate faxing.

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