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Nearly 17 billion faxes are sent each year, most of them by businesses.Your clients need a simple, reliable and cost-effective fax solution-one that doesn’t involve paper jams, busy signals or costly fax servers.
As a partner of eFax Corporate, you can help your clients send and receive business faxes securely online while adding a lucrative new revenue stream to your business.


A fully hosted, Cloud based, fax service used by millions of businesses, eFax Corporate lets your clients securely send and receive faxes by email. Businesses use our service to boost productivity, navigate regulatory compliance and reduce their overall faxing costs.
  • A cost-effective, cloud-based enterprise fax service for sending and receiving faxes by email, from computers, tablets or smart phones, eFax Corporate eliminates your clients’ needs for costly fax equipment, software, licenses and supplies.
  • An excellent complement to your VoIP offerings,  eFax Corporate’s patented technology reliably operates over your  existing solution – no more “breaking the fax line”
  • A simple way to help your clients enhance the security of their important business faxes, with complete audit trails and secure transmission options.


eFax Corporate helps you differentiate your products with a cost-effective and proven solution to your clients’ enterprise faxing needs - a powerful service that adds revenue generating opportunities applicable to both your existing and new clients.
  • With minimal training and support, your sales team can quickly add eFax Corporate to their portfolio of revenue – generating product offerings.
  • Offer a solution your clients are asking for — from a proven partner serving the Fortune 500.
  • Closing a big sale? Facing a complex sales situation? We can help. Your named Account Manager is also a selling professional – standing behind you, winning as you win, and able to help you in closing key deals.


eFax Corporate® and eFax® securely transmit over 1 billion fax pages every month as the most widely deployed online fax service to the Fortune 500. As an eFax Corporate Partner, you can underscore your business’ high standards by offering the service trusted to transmit sensitive documents by more major healthcare, legal, financial and other highly-regulated firms than any other online fax provider.
  • Add to your unique suite of offerings a service from the world’s #1 name in online fax.
  • Offer your clients a service with true 24/7 customer technical support, so they will always have help when they need it.
  • Help your clients bring their business faxing processes into compliance with HIPAA, GLB, SOX and other federal rules and regulations.


Our partner philosophy is that when you succeed, we succeed. That’s why eFax Corporate offers you, your sales team and support staff ongoing, anytime, support.
  • Choose the level of ongoing tech support that suits your business model — from having your customers call our support center directly through to your technical leads having 24/7 escalation access to our key professionals.
  • Take advantage of co-branded marketing materials, websites and other selling materials with the recognized eFax Corporate brand.

Designed with Partner Operations in Mind

Intuitive, layered and thorough - eFax Corporate’s Administration tool is flexible enough to match your and your clients’ organizational models. Implement scenarios from fully centralized administrative control and reporting through full delegation – as you and your client decide together.
  • Add, remove and change numbers in the cities we support – 4700 Cities; 49 Countries; 6 continents-without assistance.
  • Have fully centralized control of your non-technical clients.
  • Delegate significant self-sufficiency privileges to enable the more inclined and capable organizations.
  • Adopt the administrative management hierarchy that best matches your client’s organizational hierarchy.
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