AXA Finds Paperless Way to Fax

AXA Cuts Out the Paper Chase- Company Finds Slicker Way of Getting Information

AXA Assistanceis using a fax-to-email service to process the thousand of pages of information it gets from people who have accidents or fall sick while traveling abroad. The company provides services including accident and medical assistance and claims-handling to its corporate customers. It has been using eFax Corporate’s  secure fax to email service from Consensus as a central hub for vacation insurance claims coming in from around the world.
eFax Corporate enables all of AXA’s claims to be converted into digital format, so they can be processed and archived electronically. Jamie Little, general manager of AXA Assistance’s claims operation explained: “Our business is the provision of 24/7 medical, travel and general assistance service to people that work for big companies or have certain types of insurance. These people are on vacation and get sick or injured and call us for assistance and we take care of them. eFax Corporate has enabled us to provide the assistance or to communicate with the people involved much more easily.”

Previously staff would have dealt with paper faxes, adding the information to the database and then faxing the client back. eFax Corporate takes much of the paper out of the process by directing the faxes to an email address. Using the hosted fax service means that the staff doesn’t have to collect faxes or scan them into its database.

He added: “It’s a much slicker and quicker way of getting information in a digital format.” Often there are physical documents that have to be sent, such as medical notes, and not all hospitals are able to send them electronically so fax is still an important tool. Little said: “We need to see the paperwork – it’s one of those situations where talking to people isn’t enough and because there are bills that need to be dealt with straightaway the fax is still quite convenient.” Over the course of a year, AXA Assistance receives around 100,000 pages sent to it, “so it’s fairly significant”, he said.

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